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Jihyo and Daniel Are Dating and The Fans React In The Best Way Possible

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Monday, August 5 was a whirlwind for all the kpop fans out there. It’s not every day that a dating scandal in kpop breaks out but when it does, you’re in for some entertainment. Dating scandals are taken very seriously in kpop and have been the sole reason for an artist’s career suicide. So, to be more careful and not let the fans or anyone know, the artists keep their relationship a secret. But that doesn’t last forever because there’s an evil company that thrives on invading these celebrities privacy and stalk them. The company is none other than Dispatch and it’s known for outing couples. This time its Jihyo and Daniel. Yes, Jihyo from Twice and Daniel who was part of Wanna One are now dating. And it’s confirmed.

Everything You Need To Know About Jihyo and Daniel’s Relationship

So on Monday, Dispatch released some pictures of Jihyo and Daniel getting out of their respective cars and issued a statement that the two idols were dating. Actually, they had been dating for quite a while. Their relationship started back to the start of 2019. As is always, after this rumor, the fans waited for an official statement from the respective companies of both artists. After a few hours, it was confirmed that the two singers were indeed dating.

One more thing that you need to know about this relationship is that the Twice members drove Jihyo back and forth from Daniel’s place. That is FRIENDS GOALS!! Also, Jihyo and Daniel were introduced by a senior singer from JYP. It was through 2 am’s Im Seulong that the two met.

Fans React and It’s The Best Thing To Come Out of This Relationship

Dating scandals are not taken lightly by kpop fans. They either get angry or make memes. This time it’s the latter. And we’re happy for that because a) the fans are accepting enough to know that the idols are human and deserve to be in healthy relationships and b) They’re really entertaining.

This one is spilling some facts.

Let’s be honest, Daniel is the lucky one.

Jihyo and Daniel had been throwing hints all along.

No, but for real, this makes sense.

Dahyun will never get caught by Dispatch, it’ll be the other way around.


True love isn’t dead after all.


Baekhyun predicted this and you can’t tell us otherwise.

This one takes the cake though.

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