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HBO Is Comparing Euphoria’s Nate With GOT’s Joffrey | Hint For Show’s Climax?

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HBO’s Euphoria, after traveling to several wild and controversial places in its freshman season, is heading towards an expectedly decisive climax this Sunday. There are, of course, several lingering questions that the show needs to answer before it goes on seasonal break. But out of all them, the fate of its horrifying villain Nate (Jacob Elordi) is one situation that Euphoria needs to deal with as a priority. While there are several fan theories. floating around about Nate’s fate the Euphoria Season 1 finale, the show’s original broadcast network HBO has stepped in with a few clues of its own. And if these clues actually represent what’s going to happen in the Euphoria finale, then boy, is Nate in big trouble.

HBO Thinks Nate Is King Joffrey, Just In A Different Era

Let’s be honest. They are the same, just as toxic, just as brutal. Over Euphoria’s 7-episode course, Nate has quickly risen several places to become the ugliest and scariest villains on TV. And while Nate and Joffrey both depart by a timeline of -well- several hundred centuries, their personalities converge with one central idea. Elordi’s Nate and Gleeson’s Joffrey, both depict an unflinching look. at the intersections between rich white male privilege, white male rage, and toxic masculinity. Additionally, both were able to inspire the same level of anger and disgust for their actions from fans. It is no secret that Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon was one of the most hated Game Of Thrones villain. And from what fans are saying about Nate (Jacob Elordi), it appears that he too has been able to successfully deliver the impact.

Is Nate Going To Die In The Euphoria Season 1 Finale

Well, there are several reasons to believe so. One of that being that it is the only satisfying way to deal with the character, given the a** of a person that he is. The second; however, is more logical. While HBO essentially ran a comparison between Nate and Game Of Thrones’ Joffrey Baratheon to suggest a similarity in their actions, the tweet can also hint towards an impending climax on Sunday’s episode of Euphoria.

Both HBO villains speak volumes about how power imbalances start relatively young. Both villains draw their power from their various privileges, eventually channeling it out in various violent ways to get their way through. And for this reason, it is sensible to expect ‘same fate for same Nate’. While fans are hopeful that Nate will land up in jail by the Euphoria finale, there is worse karma in store for the town boogeyman. Nate’s murder is one twist that can serve as a reliable anchor-plotline for the Euphoria season 2.

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