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Best Libraries In The World

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Is your happy place a library too? Mine definitely is; what other place could give you that amount peace, and happiness? Well, McDonalds and Starbucks obviously but other than that I meant. For all the booklovers out there, here is a lover’s paradise- a collection of the best libraries in the world!

1 Central library in Seattle

Central library in Seattle
Source: Superheroes in Racecars 

This modernly sophisticated library is located in Washington DC and has been home to millions of tourists from all across the globe. The structure is so impressive that people actually voted for it as one of the most favorite architectural buildings in the United States.

2 The Admont Library

The Admont Library
Source: Admont

Located in Austria, this is the second largest monastery library of the world. The library offers everything from a breathtaking painted ceiling showing the different stages of knowledge to a collection of more than 200,000 volumes.

3 George Peabody Library

George Peabody Library
Source:  The Baltimore Sun Darkroom

This cathedral-looking library is located in Baltimore, United States of America and has a 300,000-volume book stock on subjects of literature and arts of both the British and American cultures. The infrastructure with its marbled floors and ornamental balconies is so romantic that the library has become a popular place for weddings. Fixed the venue, just need a man now!

4 Trinity College Library

Trinity College Library
Source: Big Think

This is the largest library in Ireland that is situated in Dublin. The library might be the oldest one but definitely not a boring one! It has a marvelously attractive exterior, but not only that, what resides inside the library is equally capable of attracting tourists. The library is probably the largest single chamber library in the world, and this chamber offers the oldest collection of books you could’ve desired.

5 The Royal Library of Copenhagen

The Royal Library of Copenhagen
Source: Flickr

Created from black irregular granite, this library of Denmark offers a super appealing environment for reading inside. One block of the exterior granite surface is a glass atrium that floods the library with light and looks over to the sea. Really, the atmosphere inside the library could not be more soothing.

6 National Library of China

National Library of China
Source:  Flickr

The largest library of Asia is located in Beijing and offers a 31 million-book collection to the visitors. It is accompanied a four-story study hall and a strict no talking rule, making it a reader’s perfect choice! I wish they allowed Chinese takeout here too!

7 Geisel Library

Geisel Library
Source:  Flickr

This one is located in San Diego, USA and resembles a spaceship because of its creatively modern exterior. There are dinner parties in the library as well as well as auctions. Fancy dinners in spaceships might be attractive to aliens!

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