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Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston Promoting Dos Hombres While Ignoring Breaking Bad Movie

We still have no Breaking Bad Movie guys.

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This past month, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul pulled off one of the greatest marketing technique of the decade. The two Breaking Bad stars utilized their fame and fans obsession with a Breaking Bad movie to announce their new joint venture: Dos Hombres.

While fans weren’t too happy about being fooled like this, it seems like Dos Hombres was still a great success. At least if you ask for Glen Howerton’s opinion on it.

In an Instagram post that Aaron Paul posted, Glen Howerton had something interesting to say.


Beneath the post, Glen Howerton commented:

“This stuff is legit”

Meanwhile, Aaron Paul has consistently posted about the Dos Hombres:



So has Bryan Cranston by the way:

These two went from making fictional meth in the Breaking Bad universe, to creating wine and obsessing over it.

Origins of Dos Hombres

On July 9th 2019, they had both posted this on their respective Instagram accounts:


The two stars shared that they had searched far and wide for the perfect Mezcal because apparently they could not work together on-screen for a while. After a lot of struggle, they found one in a village in Mexico. And it seemed like destiny to them.

This is what they had to say about the wine in particular to its taste:

We are crazy about the taste, the aroma, and the versatility of this smokey, age-old alcohol.

The official site has a picture of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston looking fondly at their cherished Mezcal. They’re so mesmerized by it and the agaves that they have conveniently forgotten there was such a thing as a Breaking Bad movie.

Just look at their faces.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Breaking Bad Dos Hombres
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Not giving A Single Fuck About the Breaking Bad Movie | Dos Hombres

Ladies and gentlemen, behold two faces of men that like to disappoint fans who were waiting for a Breaking Bad movie. No details have been given out and we are still waiting. Plus, other celebrities like Glen Howerton endorsing Dos Hombres is only encouraging this behavior.

We’re happy for you Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston. These guys seem to be creating a lot of buzz over Dos Hombres. But we must ask, where is the damn Breaking Bad Movie. We’re dying over here.

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