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Lauv & Anne-Marie Song ‘Fuck, I’m Lonely’ Is A Blissful Treat

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Lauv and Anne-marie had been teasing a collaboration for a while now and fans were truly excited. Both of these artists have gained a lot of success in their music careers.  Now, they’ve released a new single “Fuck, I’m Lonely”. It is a blissful treat for the ears with its sweet melodic rhythms accompanied by lyrics that tug at the heartstrings. Unlike, the sexiness of Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello’s Senorita, ‘Fuck, I’m Lonely’ plays out like a sweet song you can listen to when you’re on a long drive with the windows down.

It somehow combines the best parts of both Lauv and Anne-Marie. It has the bittersweet tone we know and love about Lauv with his honey-like voice. Whereas, the UK musical artist Anne-Marie adds to the song by making it upbeat.

Essentially, the song is about missing someone you loved once. If you feel like indulging yourself in a bit of catharsis and miss your ex, definitely give ‘Fuck, I’m Lonely’ a listen.

“Yeah I still watch that shows you showed me
I Still drink that wine
But these days it tastes more bitter than sweet
And all my friends are way too drunk to save me from my phone
So sorry if I say some things I mean”

This exact scenario is something most of us can relate to. Of course, with Lauv’s songs you can expect nothing different. His previous songs such as “Drugs and the Internet” was a song dedicated to showing how the internet can make us feel so utterly lonely.

Anne-Marie is definitely a versatile musical artist with an angelic and resonant voice that can match with a lot of different artists. The mellow sweetness of Anne-Marie beautifully complemented Lauv’s warmth.

It’s safe to say that this collaboration was one we needed. We hope that Lauv and Anne-Marie have some more projects in the works.

Check out the music video down below:


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