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Met Gala 2018- The Reality Behind The Crystal Tears

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Met Gala 2018 has provided us all with an abundance of stunning looks to go insane over. But this latest makeup trend- crystal tears is totally beyond all of us!

The theme for Met Gala 2018 was ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’ and celebrities and designers definitely produced their very best. Not only did designers come up with actual wings and literal paintings on celebrity gowns, but makeup artists also took inspiration from artwork. Biblical references claim that both Mary and Jesus wept tears of blood and sadness, and that’s all that the makeup artists needed to hear!

Met Gala 2018
Source: time

Met Gala 2018 was different-makeups were beyond just fierce smoky eyes. This time makeup artists took the red carpet makeup game to new heights by giving celebrities ornamented cheeks with embellished tear drops which were quick to grab attention.

Here are few celebrities who completely slayed this new makeup look!

Lily Collins at Met Gala 2018

Lily Collins At Met Gala 2018
Source: @lilyjcollins

Actress Lily Collins was given silver gems under her eyes to look like tears, but the single blood red tear drop gave her a totally supernatural look. Her artist for the night, Fiona Stiles shares the thought behind her looks.

I really wanted to lean into the idea of the dark art and the occult, as well as reference the master paintings and old marble sculptures. For her skin, I wanted it to look like moonlight on marble. The gunmetal Swarovski crystals were meant to be celestial tears and the blood red tear drop was a nod to stigmatas and the tears of the virgins. You know, light hearted stuff…

SZA at Met Gala 2018

SZA at Met Gala 2018
Source: @sza

SZA looked absolutely angelic at Met Gala 2018! She was channeling the Virgin Mary and her gold tears were exactly like those seen in statues and fashion editorials following a religious theme. Here’s what Samuel Paul, her makeup artist for Met Gala 2018 has shared about the night’s look.

The inspiration for SZA’s look started with the blush toned tulle Versace Couture Gown and images of Renaissance religious paintings of saints and The Virgin Mary. At the same time, we wanted to keep in the SZA vibe of full lashes and nude lips, but add an ethereal opulence for the gala.

Eiza Gonzales at Met Gala 2018

Eiza Gonzales at Met Gala 2018
Source: @eizagonzalez

For Met Gala 2018, Eiza Gonzales fashioned three falling tears under her eyes using six silver gems, and creating a flawlessly magical look.

Needless to say, Met Gala 2018 looks have been driving people insane with all those makeup, hair and fashion trends!

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