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Seth Rogen’s Mom Sandy Rogen Gains A Blue Check With 100k+ Followers On Twitter

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Sandy Rogen, the mother of the Canadian actor and comedian, Seth Rogen (Lion King’s Pumbaa) has recently gained 100,000 followers on Twitter. One of those rare moments when the mother of a celebrity becomes a celebrity figure. P.S. she totally deserves it.

Sandy Rogen, The Twitter Queen

Sometimes it’s not the superstar who casts the headline for the breaking news, instead, some acquaintances can also lead the race. This is the case of none other than our favorite Pumbaa’s mother, Sandy Rogen, who has now become a phenomenal twitter icon.

Sandy Rogen is, basically, a Vancouver-based retired social worker. She is distinctively described by her son as a “radical Jewish socialist”.The active lady is proud to possess a verified Twitter account.

Previously she posted the image of a cake that her cousin sent her on gaining over 100k followers.

The Blue Check On Twitter Account

As a matter of fact, a verified Twitter account is most easily identifiable by the little blue checkmark alongside a celebrity, politician, or other official or authentic individual’s name. This verification checkmark is like proof that Twitter has stamped your identity.

The celebrity mother addressed diverse subjects in her post. She, in fact, don’t miss any chance to mock her son in her post. The social figure is also proud of her son’s extraordinary performances.

Sandy Rogen’s Son IsThe Lion King’s Pumbaa

Recently, Seth Rogen’s immense popularity further increased after his voice casting for the character of Pumbaa in the live-action adaptation of The Lion King.

The Lion King On Box Office

The live-action adaptation of The Lion King is a blockbuster. The movie successfully, gained the title of the fourth Disney film of 2019 to make $1 Bn in worldwide box office sales. The movie features the voices of Donald Glover and Beyonce for lead characters Simba and Nala. However, the real fortune was brought by the teamwork. Especially, the hilarious duo of Pumbaa (Seth Rogen) and Timon (Billy Eichner).

Both of these creatures add humor to the grave subject. In fact, the pitches of the voice actors suit perfectly with the role. Watch the pair of the meerkat and warthog supporting Simba to overcome the guilt of the untimely death of his father Mufasa.

It Runs In The Family

Sandy Rogen now reigns Twitter via retweeting her son’s achievements or scolding her child for his disobedience. Furthermore, she shares her valuable experiences through her in-depth global views. There is no doubt that humor runs in the family. Sandy Rogen is an amazing person with a great sense of humor.


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