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James Charles Feuds Over His Freckles?

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Yep, confused as you are. James Charles, the 19-year-old makeup artist and YouTuber, dealt with a serious controversy this year. Tati Westbrook uploaded a video on him which ‘exposed’ how he betrayed her and her problematic flirting with straight men. However, Charles responded and tried to explain his side of the story. People were cancelling him and then now it seems like they don’t care as much. Yet, people aren’t letting him go that easily. These days it seems like they just need a reason to judge James Charles.

Which brings us to the freckles feud.

What Is Up With The Freckles Feud

So, James Charles posted a picture on his Twitter where he shared to his fans that his freckles look like the constellation Big Dipper.

Interesting stuff, right?

Well, yeah. But one fan wasn’t pleased that James Charles didn’t give the credit to the rightful person for noticing how the freckles resemble the constellation. It led to this apology  by Charles, which may have been a bit sarcastic in nature:

There’s another YouTuber, Sebastian Williams who has a Drama channel, who was quick to comment on this. The Twitter exchange wasn’t exactly cordial.


This led to James Charles fighting back:


Sebastian Williams didn’t give up that easily either:


James Charles then threatened to involve lawyers:

Then apparently they decided to duel it out on Minecraft. Again let me clarify that we are just as confused as you are.

I’m not exactly sure if this was a joke or something serious. But we’ll have to wait and see if Sebastian Williams posts a video about Charles. There’s also this tweet:


Let’s hope they resolved their differences in the game of Minecraft?

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