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Amazon Prime’s The Boys Is Not For Boys & Girls

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For all those MCU lovers waiting for the Phase 4 to drop, you can enjoy an adult recipe of soupy Supe treat with Amazon Prime’s The Boys. It is something definitely not for teenage boys and girls due to its adult content. If you think that the comics version would be less-adulty, you are wrong. The Boys season 1 was definitely based on the comics. But the storyline is less creepy in the show. Nonetheless, it is still not for boys and girl under 16 years of age. In some countries, it is recommended for the age group of 18+.

Amazon Prime’s The Boys | Sex & Nudity

Well, it is Amazon Prime. What else were you expecting? The streaming network is famous for bold and strong content featuring sexier and darker stories.  Combine that with Seth Rogen and you have a complete treat of adult language, sex & nudity. The Supes are some seriously messed up people with weird fetishes and a sex club. The Supe Translucent mostly stays naked due to his translucent superpowers. Homelander has an incestuous relationship with their boss-lady Madelyn Stillwell. We have seen incest in Game of Thrones but Homlander-Stillwell relationship will creep you out.

The Boys | Violence & Gore

You will find a lot of blood, violence, and gore in The Boys. Supes end up creating a gore-y mess wherever they go. The Boys and The Supes are pretty violent when it comes to killing people both willingly and accidentally. If you cannot digest all the bloody images and violent deaths, you should fast forward the scenes, or get a censored version of the show. (Which I  will not recommend because it will kill the whole essence of the story).  Butcher can literally be a butcher, Homelander can slaughter anyone with his eyes, The Deep is always in deep shit, A-Train’s broken and exposed leg will give you nausea. A-Train’s girlfriend Popclaw kills her landlord in the most unexpected, adult & violent way one cannot even imagine. And we all know how Translucent died.

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