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Jeffree Star Mystery Box Disappoints This Year Again

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It seems like we can’t go another day without some other controversy popping up in the beauty community of YouTube. But this time it is a bit unexpected. Apparently, people are disappointed at the Jeffree Star Mystery Box they received this year. Some were complaining about the fact that there was no diversity and that some lipsticks had a bit of plastic in them. Yep, it’s a bit of Jaclyn Hill situation here.

So, let’s dive into all of the issues.

Lack Of Diversity in the Jeffree Star Summer Mystery Boxes

There are three types of the famous Jeffree Star Mystery boxes. There’s the Mini box, the Deluxe box and the Luxury box. Now, apparently people who ordered multiple boxes of let’s say Deluxe box got all of the same items in all the Deluxe boxes. People are complaining that it defeats the purpose of the Mystery box if each box is going to contain similar items. Many fans regretted buying multiple boxes for this reason as a result.

Marketing Tactic Gone Wrong: Faulty Lipsticks Like Jaclyn Hill

Okay, perhaps not exactly like Jaclyn Hill since all majority of her lipsticks had hair or some other fault in them. In the 2019 Jeffree Star Summer Mystery boxes, there were isolated incidents where there were faulty lipsticks. A few lipsticks had bubbles on them and one even had a plastic shard stuck in it.

This may possibly be because there was excessive heat and while the lipsticks were being shipped, the bubbles developed. Though, some lipsticks seemed to be dried out. The only reasonable explanation for this is that the lipsticks were not as fresh as they should have been.

An interesting thing to note in the Jeffree Star Mystery box this year is that it contains lipsticks that were from about a year ago. Fans noted that ‘Can’t Relate’ lipsticks were included in this year’s mystery box. These lipsticks are from the old Holiday Alien Collection of 2018. Apparently, these did not sell well and were still in stock. So, Jeffree Star utilized a marketing tactic and included all these old lipsticks in the mystery boxes because there was no other way people would actually want to buy them.

And don’t worry folks, these lipsticks are not expired. They’re just pretty old and as a result some of them appear to be having some faults.

Same Case Like Jaclyn Hill?

Well considering that almost all of Jaclyn’s lipsticks were faulty, this is definitely not one of those cases. Plus, Jeffree Star is usually quick to respond to any such allegations if they are major ones. Moreover, the customer support service of Star’s website is actually pretty helpful. You can add in your complaint on the website and get a refund with virtually no issues.

So, this is not a case like Jaclyn Hill. Yet it is interesting to note that this is not the first time that it is happening. Even in 2018, customers were complaining about the same exact issue. The Jeffree Star Mystery Box seemed to be just a gimmick to sell items in stock that were not being sold normally.

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