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Shows Cancelled By Netflix After One Season

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Netflix is being Netflix again. They just cancelled a handful of TV shows right after one season. When Netflix does that, it is expected that the shows were not gaining much ratings or views from the audience. The streaming network only releases viewership data for the successful shows. As an audience, we often get confused when Netflix cancels a Fan Favorite show. Because that does not seem logical to us. While Dogs of Berlin & Bonding are still awaiting confirmation of renewal/cancellation. Let’s see which shows have lost their host network.

Chambers Cancelled By Netflix

Netflix cancelled the supernatural fantasy drama Chambers after one season. The story-line revolved around a woman who survived a heart transplant and started developing different personality traits. Leading cast included Uma Thurman (Kill Bill Series) and Sivan Alyra Rose. The show Chambers ended with a suspenseful cliffhanger but Netflix still did not renew the show for season 2. Chambers went on air on April 26, 2019 & Netflix confirmed its cancellation on June 18, 2019.

Chambers will not return for a second season. We’re grateful to creator and showrunner Leah Rachel for bringing this story to us and to her fellow executive producers Alfonso Gomez Rejon, Steve Gaghan from Super Emotional, Winnie Kemp and Wolfgang Hammer from Super Deluxe, and Jennifer Yale. We’re also thankful to the tireless crew, and to our incredible cast, especially Uma Thurman, Tony Goldwyn and talented newcomer Sivan Alyra Rose.

Nightflyers Cancelled

Nightflyers was initially a SyFy show which was later released on Netflix. Despite of being a series from George R.R. Martin, it was still cancelled by SyFy. Surprisingly, it was a collaboration between Netflix and SyFy and none of them commented on the cancellation. George R.R. Martin wrote the novella with the same name in 1980. The storyline was based on a crew of scientists who embark on a mission aboard a ship called Nightflyers to investigate a mysterious alien signal.

Netflix Cancelled Tuca & Bertie

Netflix cancelled the animated Tuca & Bertie after season one. The cast included Ali Wong & Tiffany Haddish playing the main characters of Tuca & Bertie. The show made a debut in May this year which shared the creativity of BoJack Horseman. But it had a stronger and dirtier content. The show-runner Lisa Hanawalt is looking for a new home and she is expecting that it will be saved soon.

Fans have also started a petition to save Tuca & Bertie. If you are a fan, sign the petition.

Shows Awaiting Renewal/Cancellation By Netflix

Dogs of Berlin Bonding

Netflix is all hush-hush on renewal or cancellation status of Bonding and Dogs of Berlin. There is still no word from Netflix so we will have to wait till we get the final confirmation of renewal or cancellation.

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