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BTS & Unicef Release Exclusive Global Campaign Video ‘Love Myself’ To End Violence

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BTS is a famous Korean band which is loved by a huge BTS Army around the globe. The band has infinite number of fans and they deserve it. Due to increasing number of murders & violence, BTS started a campaign with Unicef, called End Violence., in 2017. From last 2 years the band and Unicef have been promoting the campaign and working hard to end violence in and around schools. In honor of International Friendship Day, BTS and Unicef have released an exclusive global campaign video today to spread kindness and promote “love myself”.

BTS & Unicef’s Exclusive Global Campaign Video

BTS’s exclusive global campaign video focuses on students tortured by their fellows in and around school. The video starts with a school boy chased by five other students and one of them has a wooden stick in his hand.  The next clip shows a student being beaten in basketball court. A female student is crying in a public washroom while trying to text someone. An African-American student is leaving the school building, crying.

These incidents happen everyday in the schools. Though the campaign started in 2017, recent incidents and murders prove we need this campaign the most right now. Violence is everywhere. From 17- Year old Instagrammer Bianca Devins’ murder to MS-13 gang’s victims in San Fernando, the murders and violence shock you to your core.

BTS Love Myself Fund To End Violence

The BTS and Unicef’s campaign aimed at ensuring teens and children lead a safe and healthy life without fear of violence. Following which, BTS created its own campaign titled Love Myself. The band has raised BTS Love Myself Fund and made tireless efforts to spread awareness on the dark topic. BTS army and fans have also contributed and donated for the campaign from all around the globe. The main purpose is to protect and support school and domestic violence victims as well as sexual assault. The band promotes and encourages finding love and embracing people.  People need to speak and spread love. Violence needs to end so that young people can groom and become better persons.

You can read more about the campaigns on Unicef’s link and BTS’s link.


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