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Mae Whitman Excited to Be on Jeopardy

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The popular actress Mae Whitman might have achieved all her dreams. She was invited to watch Jeopardy with host Alex Trebek, and considering her excitement, we can see how long she must have wanted this. While the actress is a huge fan, she even recorded a message at the taping. She has opened up about the experience of being in the stands, and how much she loves the show as a whole.

Mae Whitman Opens Up About the Experience of Being at Jeopardy

The actress was spotted in the stands of the popular game show Jeopardy. Apparently, she was invited with her whole family at the taping of an episode. Considering that she had been watching it since a child, we know what it must have felt like. Whitman claims that she was beyond herself with excitement. In fact, her enthusiasm might have embarrassed the actress herself.

In a video message that she recorded, Mae Whitman accepted Jeopardy as her all time favorite show. She claimed that her favorite part was the interviews because they allowed her to learn so much about a person in just a few seconds. Whitman also sent out a message to Alex Trebek saying that she, her family, and everybody she had ever come across absolutely loved him. Not just that, but they supported him and they know that nobody could ever be as great as him.

Mae Whitman is friends with her Alex’s daughter Nicky who invited her to the taping of Jeopardy. She thanked both Alex Trebek and his daughter for this show which keeps America classy.


Watching Whitman’s face in the stands reflects on how she lived a dream that day!

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