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Dark Season 3 Possible Release Date

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If you’ve not seen the first two season of Dark, we recommend that you stop reading this and go watch them first. Seriously you’re missing out on so much. Dark, which is a German Netflix original show is the best sci-fi show on Netflix. Yes we said that and yes we know Stranger Things exist. But honestly,once you’ve seen Dark, you’ll think the same. Dark season 1 and season 2 are already streaming on Netflix. The third season has yet to come. Dark Season 3 release date will possibly be in the early 2020.

Dark Season 3 Release Date

Except for the confirmation that there is going to be a third season of Dark, we don’t have an other clue about when it’s going to release and what’s its going to be. From the looks of the second season’s finale, Jonas is saved by Martha who is possibly from another world. As if different time lines weren’t confusing for us already, Dark season 3 will probably talk about different world! So, get ready to be confused more.

Dark season 1 released in December 2017 while the second season premiered on June 21 2019. There’s a time gap of about a year and half in between the first two seasons. The director of the show has already confirmed the filming of third season and that it will release next year. Fans are speculating that Dark season 3 release date will probably be June 27th 2020 as its the date of the apocalypse in the show. We agree with this fan theory as the date of the second season’s release was also linked to the show.

What Will Happen in Dark Season 3?

The finale of Dark season 2 has left us with so many questions. Will Jonas be able to defeat Adam and or will he ultimately turn into Adam as time progresses? Also, we think the backstory to how Jonas became Adam will showcased in Dark Season 3.

Aside from this, we’re also excited to see how parallel worlds and time travel will work together. Time travel in one dimension is so confusing and mind boggling, imagine how confusing it’ll be when it comes to different worlds too. We know we don’t make sense, but cut us some slack. It’s really hard to figure out the show!

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