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Are David Dobrik & Jason Nash Invited To Jake-Tana Wedding?

Just Wondering. Because Trisha Paytas Is Invited.

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Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are getting married today i.e. July 28, 2019. They both got engaged a month back and even after 30 days, people are questioning whether they are really in love with each other? Is it a real wedding? People question you when you are pulling pranks 24/7. But that is a separate topic. The wedding is happening place in few hours and there is one thing which is causing more confusions. Are David Dobrik, Jason Nash and The Vlog Squad attending the Jake-Tana wedding?

Reunion Of Trisha Paytas, Jason Nash, David Dobrik, Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau

A couple of days back, Jake Paul shared a video on his YouTube channel with him and Tana Mongeau visiting the Famous YouTubers for the invites. The list was very surprising on a serious note. It was so surprising that even Trisha Paytas could not believe she is being invited to the big event. But she cannot attend the wedding because she will be on her HeartBreak tour. I was seriously hoping for some David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Trisha Paytas big fat reunion. But, we did not see Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau going to David Dobrik’s house and inviting The Vlog Squad. Tana forgetting her old friends already? They invited Trisha Paytas because she is clout and the almost-newlyweds are all about clout. But David Dobrik is clout as well. I guess we will have to wait for someone else’s wedding (Probably Trisha’s herself) to witness the reunion.

Jake & Logan Paul Do Not Like David Dobrik?

Few weeks back, Jake & Logan Paul shared a video on their mutual YouTube channel. It was shot after a party hosted by Logan Paul. The video has some pretty interesting information when you watch it now.

(A) Tana & Jake were in an open relationship.

(B) Jake Paul was hitting on 3-4 girls on the party, Tana was there too.

(C) Jake called David Dobrik “not a good person”. Yes, he said it. He also said that David Dobrik has ego and attitude issues. And his team-mate Jeff is a clout chaser.

A little history, apparently David Dobrik and 2 of his members from the Vlog squad were shooting a video in Logal Paul’s studio and they said some bad things about Logan Paul. They had no idea there were security cameras in the building. Consequently, Logal Paul got hurt that David and his team were talking s*** behind his back, in his studio, on his expenses.

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