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Designated Survivor Cancelled by Netflix

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The Kiefer Sutherland series Designated Survivor might not really survive. Fans of the show were overjoyed when Netflix picked it up after ABC canceled it. But Designated Survivor has been canceled for another time by the streaming platform now. While season 3 debuted last month, it might be the last of the Adan Canto and Kiefer Sutherland series that we might see.

Why was the Kiefer Sutherland and Adan Canto Series ‘Designated Survivor’ Cancelled?

Recently, Netflix released the third season of the show in June and announced that it was proud to hold the three seasons on the platform in the years to come. It even thanked actor and executive producer Kiefer Sutherland for the dedicated performance he gave. But since season 4 was not confirmed, fans were doubting the status of Designated Survivor.

Previously, Kiefer Sutherland also discussed the probability of the show being renewed for another season. He claimed that he did not see it happening. Apparently, their journey with Netflix had been great and free.

But apparently, the contracts with Netflix were complicated and different to the ones on ABC. So, they did not book a lot of actors on the show who ended up going for other jobs. He then hinted at the idea of cancellation of season 4 reveals that,

So I think doing a season four would be very complicated and difficult, and the truth is, I loved making that show – I also miss aspects of what I enjoyed about 24, which was something that was really visceral and physical, and so I think its time for us all to go and find something new to do.

But Designated Survivor won’t be the first series that Netflix saved and then canceled. It happened to Lucifer as well. Looks like this Adan Canto and Kiefer Sutherland series failed to reach the numbers that Netflix desired!

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