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Ian Somerhalder Stands Up For Native People and Their Rightful Lands

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Many from politicians to Hollywood celebrities have protested against the controversial Thirty Meter Telescope. This has been planned to be built on the top of Mauna Kea which is considered to be a sacred land by the native people. Now that protesters have blocked the roads leading up to the mountain, many people have weighed in on the situation. To join the campaign, Ian Somerhalder and his foundation are campaigning for the protection of the top of Mauna Kea. Apart from their environmentalist efforts behind it, Somerhalder believes in the protection of rights of native people and their land.

Ian Somerhalder Expresses Thoughts on Thirty Meter Telescope Controversy in Mauna Kea

The actor took to Instagram to share that he was promoting more than just a few hashtags in support of Mauna Kea. In fact, it was more of a peaceful battle cry. He claimed that the native land belonged to the native people residing there. Moreover, he expressed his discontent with the corporations trying to destroy the environment without permission. Ian added that this was totally unacceptable.

As a response to the supporters of the Thirty Meter Telescope, he added that while science was important, the community was as well.

Ian Somerhalder is not the first Hollywood celebrity to discuss this issue. Others like Jason Momoa have also expressed their thoughts. Jason took to Instagram to share that it was an encouragement to everyone to not back off the TMT controversy. Instead, he was going to stay with Aloha. The actor even encouraged his followers to take pictures and share them to show solidarity with Mauna Kea.

Let’s wait and see if Hollywood celebrities spreading awareness helps protect the native land in Mauna Kea.

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