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Anna Faris Wants to be Friends With Chrissy Teigen

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It looks like Chrissy Teigen has attracted another celebrity friendship. Actress Anna Faris has requested to be friends with the model in the comments underneath her vacation post with husband John Legend and children. While many people have liked Anna’s comment expressing support for this friendship, this won’t be Chrissy’s first celebrity bond.

Anna Faris Comments on Chrissy Teigen’s Vacation Post Asking for Friendship

Chrissy Teigen updated her followers about her RV escapades with John Legend along with her children Luna and Miles. She uploaded a couple of videos featuring bizarre attempts of the couple to travel in a mobile home. She claimed in the caption that she had the amazing idea of renting an RV so that they could sleep in their friend’s driveway. Apparently, going back and forth to the hotel with all their baby stuff was not very convenient. Chrissy added that a cross-country trip was always on her list. But for now, she decided to just head upstate.

In the comments section, Anna Faris commented that she would want to be friends with Chrissy, and camp together. She added that the two had only met briefly at the Golden Globes. But since Chrissy Teigen looked beautiful, Anna had not talked to her. Her comment read that,

Chrissy-I know you don’t know me (we met briefly at the golden globes and I couldn’t talk cause you looked so beautiful) but can we be friends? I want to camp with you.

Not only did it get more than 4000 likes on Instagram, the idea seems practical. Anna herself has a child six years old, so the two could be friends together while their children played.

Let’s just admit that Chrissy is equally popular in celebrities as well. After all, this won’t be her first celebrity friendship. She is close with Kim Kardashian as John Legend and Kanye West have been professional friends for a long time.

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