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Tana Mongeau Jake Paul Wedding Imitating David Dobrik Lorraine Nash’s Fake one?

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When Jake Paul broke up with girlfriend Erika Costell, people were quite shocked. After all, he was so in love with her in the Shane Dawson series about him. But surprisingly, Jake Paul quickly moved on to another Youtuber Tana Mongeau. Mongeau had also recently broken up with girlfriend Bella Thorne. Fans believed that perhaps this is just a rebound thing for both Paul and Mongeau and nothing serious could happen. Boy, were they wrong!

Jake And Tana Relationship History

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau ended up engaged just after a few months of them dating. The interesting thing to note here was that the two themselves say that the relationship has started out as a joke. They started going out at the end of April where Tana had broken up with Brad Sousa. She was hanging out with Jake Paul in his house of Calabasas. Time and time again, Tana has been asked regarding her relationship with Jake and she has never taken it seriously. It’s always been a joke for her. But then the two got engaged!

After the engagement, it seems like the two are actually serious about each other. They are even going to film their wedding vows on MTV. The fans frankly don’t know what to think.

Remember When David Dobrik Married Lorraine Nash

This situation is oddly similar to the time when David Dobrik got married to his best friend’s mom Lorraine Nash. They had an impromptu wedding in Las Vegas and got divorced a month later. It was clearly done as a prank by David Dobrik whose main intention was to to just piss off his best friend Jason Nash. Apparently Nash didn’t think David could ever get married. So, David Dobrik married Jason Nash’s mom to prove why he was wrong.

Yet during the jokes and hilarity, Lorraine Nash seemed to be enjoying herself. Of course, she was probably aware that it was all a joke and just content for their YouTube channels. But is Tana and Jake relationship a similar story?

The Controversial Pasts of Tana and Jake

Both YouTubers have a lot of controversial pasts. Tana Mongeau was criticized after her Tanacon convention massively failed. The event was a disaster where people waited in long lines and were sun burnt with no food and water. The event ended up being cancelled with refunds barely coming.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul is associated with his brother Logan Paul who filmed a dead body in a suicide forest in Japan. In his own videos, Jake Paul has done crazy events such as driving fast and pulling almost cruel pranks of his friends. Moreover, a lot of YouTubers end up leaving the Team 10 house after being bullied, harassed and emotionally abused. Two of which are Alissa Violet and recently Cole Carrigan who was called a homophobic slur by another Team 10 member. Jake Paul ended up taking the latter’s side and kicking Carrigan out.

Plus, this YouTube alliance and alleged fake relationship is benefiting the two very well. A website which tracks social media statistics, Social Blade, has shown that Jake Paul gained about 181,000 more subscribers while Tana Mongeau has earned over 208,000. Videos that have the duo together usually get a lot of views as well.

So, this might very well be just for views and clicks. A publicity stunt to get the buzz going and Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul earning a lot of views. That’s quite similar to what happened with David Dobrik and Lorraine Nash after all. The only difference was that we knew David was not really in love with Lorraine Nash. With Jake Paul, we don’t know what to believe at this point.

But at least we know how Tana feels about all this:

Let’s hope these two have a lot of fun at their fancy L.A. wedding?

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