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Iconic | Trisha Paytas Imitates Britney Spears In New Track

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Trisha Paytas is all about surprising people these days. She recreated a Hillary Duff song, impersonated David Dobrik, she proved she is still obsessed with her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash, and cherry on the top, she is being herself in the Kian and JC’s The Reality House. (Meaning: in episode 2 which drops soon, she is shown kissing JC’s dad Omar). Trisha Paytas was also busy creating hype for her new track titled Iconic. Her Iconic song dropped on July 24, 2019 and surprisingly, she has imitated Britney Spears this time.

Trisha Paytas Imitates Britney Spears In Iconic

Trisha Paytas has always been in awe of Britney Spears. She is Britney’s huge fan and keeps showing love to her on her Instagram and Twitter handles. When she released her recreation of Hilary Duff, her true followers were hopeful she will be doing Britney Spears soon. And Trisha did not disappoint her fans.

If you see her video, you will realize that she has literally imitated her iconic Britney Spears. After giving Lady GaGa’s blingy vibes at the beginning, she is shown holding a snake around her neck. In 2001, Britney Spears performed her song “I’m A Slave For You” on VMAs, holding a snake.

Turning Bad Memories Into Good Ones

Few months back, Trisha Paytas confessed her opioid addiction and also disclosed that she was admitted to a mental hospital after her breakup with Jason Nash. Moreover, she also shared many depressing videos which were shot while she was sitting on her kitchen floor. Trisha Paytas has turned all these bad memories into good ones (or rather, hilarious ones) in her Iconic video. And She proved she can rap. Her fans might get more of her behind-the-scenes clips on Trisha Paytas YouTube Channel or Podcast.

my fame ain’t accidental no it’s more a fundamental of me acting kind of mental – I’m a POP STAR. This year I got dumped , thrown into a mental hospital, and now on a cross country tour …I eat , I cry , I breakdown …I’m iconic.

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thanks for all the love on my new music video #iconic 🙏🏼 very thankful – just wanted to address a little criticism I’ve been getting about “glamorizing” mental illness 💛 I was hospitalized in feb of this year after I overdosed on prescription medication ; once at the hospital a series of events led me to be put on an involuntary psychiatric hold at a mental hospital (5150) – there was NOTHING glamorous about this , in fact I was traumatized and still am somewhat. I talk about it openly cause I felt embarrassed , I felt shame and some ppl were finding out and ultimately I didn’t want to give anyone the power to take MY story and use it against me or make it seem like I’m less of a human because of my personal demons. The 2 pics on the right were pics from that night. I was getting ready to go to a party when my friend called the ambulance. I took the pics to send to people I had prior commitments to , to let them know what was happening. I hate “flaking” on people and I just wanted them to know there was something serious going on without revealing my addictions. Bottom line – i share my story , my struggles , my recoveries and my relapses to help others understand you’re not alone in this. I felt so embarrassed about all of this. I was mortified to let people I love see me at such a rock bottom. But you know what it happens and life happens and it’s never too late to regain control of your life. I’m now in therapy , DBT group and out patient rehab – I’m able to work on my mental health – taking care of your mind is just as important as your physical health. Im able to live , have healthy friendships , and work all with BALANCE. no more extremes and no more drugs. I have good days and bad days but I’m happy and healthy. I’ve developed coping skills to deal with my triggers of lonely-ness and I make the effort. At the end of the day – all we can do is TRY. keep trying and never give up. We don’t want to lose you. You are of value and stronger than u think. I love you , I am one of you and you are one of us. Know that my music video is my art. While I was in the hospital after I sobered up , I kept telling myself this is a movie… cont

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What’s Next?

Trisha Paytas is starting her Heartbreak Tour soon. She is on her road to recovery and hopeful that rest of the 2019 will be good. She also got an invite to Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s wedding. Trisha Paytas podcast & YouTube channel still have a good number of subscribers. And we will not be surprised if you did not know it. Trisha Paytas was also a computer programmer once. She is dropping her new song After Love soon.

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