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Jaclyn Hill Confesses Her Biggest Mistake & She’s Back On Instagram

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Jaclyn Hill has finally returned to her social media, YouTube & Instagram precisely. She recently released a video titled Where I’ve been. This can simply be called as the most-awaited video from a YouTuber. Everyone was waiting for her return in hopes that she will address all the issues. But, did she actually answer those question?

Jaclyn Hill’s Confession Of Her Biggest Mistake

In a 19 minutes long video, Jaclyn confirmed that people suggested her not to come forward and address the issues relating to Jaclyn Hill Lipsticks. They asked her to just be a CEO and ignore everything. But she did not want to live like that. She confessed her biggest mistake in that video, and it was not the “lying” part. Jaclyn said making that video would be the biggest mistake of her life. She appreciated her followers for reaching out to her through her family and boyfriend.

Jaclyn confirmed she delayed coming out because she wanted to be in her right mind and she did not want to cry in front of the camera. Makeup tutorials are her true passion and she wanted to contribute to the industry through her brand. But she failed.

I say it every day and I still choke on those words. My launch was a failure. It Failed. It sucked. I spent so much time working on that brand. I spent so much time hyping people up, I was excited.

Why Jaclyn Cosmetics Failed?

Finally, Jaclyn Hill confessed that she did not have a big enough quality control team. Her project was huge but her quality control team was small. She is embarrassed of what went down with her lipsticks and she was shocked how she messed up in more than one way. Jaclyn was way too overconfident and she did not pay much attention to her quality control.  She refunded everyone for the products they purchased. Jaclyn could not discuss details of what has been going inside her cosmetics brand. But she confirmed she has fired many people and she has a new team of quality control as well.

Jaclyn Hill also offered a public apology to the first female who highlighted issues with her lipstick, which made Jaclyn lash back at her at that time.

 People Are Still Demanding Answers After Jaclyn Hill Confession

Jaclyn Hill has still not addressed many questions which her followers have. She just covered everything under Quality Control Issues. But people who got allergic reactions after using Jaclyn Hill lipsticks are still wondering what caused it. Biochemists like Kenna and others must be wondering what exactly was that white thing in the lipsticks. However, one thing she confirmed is that she is coming back with more products which she will work on with her new quality control team and her new lab this time. Apart from Jaclyn Cosmetics, rumors are she might be collaborating with Morphe and products will be launching soon. Let’s see what happens this time. Her last post on Instagram (June 5, 2019) is interesting as well.


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