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Antoni Porowski Joins Poland Pride March

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The Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski took part in the Poland Pride March. But looks like the event did not happen without some serious controversies, and hindrances. Now that its over, Antoni has expressed his feelings about the whole situation.

What Did Antoni from Queer Eye Say About the Poland Pride March?

Antoni Porowski posted a picture of himself featuring his skeptical reacting claiming that this is how he looks at all trolls who attempted to halt the Poland Pride March. He continued that their community would not be silenced. In fact, he expressed hope that the coming generations of the country were more loving and accepting.

He even sent out a message to the homophobic people adding that they should understand that all humans had equal rights. And that the LGBT community should be able to march and live around freely as well. Antoni claimed that Poland had survived years of oppression and injustice from other places of the world. So, the least the country can do is to ensure that people do not start a war within it.


The actor concluded his post hoping that the world could continue to celebrate Pride Day even if it was over in NYC.

In another message posted on Twitter, Antoni Porowski told the haters that no stunts could silence them. And that the community will continue to practice visibility despite all similar efforts.


The comments underneath both his posts have gathered a lot of support from his fans.

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