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Bella Thorne Accuses Tana Mongeau of Breaking Girl Code

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The actress Bella Thorne is definitely going through a rough time. She dealt with two breakups simultaneously as she split from both Tana Mongeau and Mod Sun. In fact, it seems like both breakups weren’t really smooth. After Mongeau got engaged, Bella publicly expressed her sorrow. But looks like the situation has worsened for Thorne called out Tana for breaking the girl code. The actress has also implied that the two are now done with each other for good. But seems like Tana herself does not know what went wrong between the two!

What Did Tana Mongeau Do To Piss Bella Thorne Off Another Time?

The two exes are currently feuding much publicly on Twitter. Bella took to the platform to express that she and Tana were totally done now. Apparently, Tana had broken the girl code although the actress did not give out any other details.

However, Tana Mongeau responded claiming that every time Bella Thorne was mad at her, she would take it to Twitter. The YouTuber now engaged to Jake Paul expressed how it must feel when she does not clear it out directly.

While Tana was still figuring out what she had done this time, Bella lashed back claiming that Tana only dated her for the sake of Twitter. She claimed that it would be better that instead of posting tweets, Tana should respond to her texts. Mongeau responded back clarifying that she had been texting Thorne ever since she posted the first tweet. But she added how the last accusation of dating was really hurtful. In fact, if that’s what Bella Thorne actually believes, then she might have lost her.

That might be it for now, but does anybody see where the two are going with this conversation? Looks like Bella won’t definitely attend the upcoming Vegas wedding!

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