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Lady Gaga Fans Attack Jeffree Star After He Throws Shade

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Jeffree Star is probably best at makeup reviews, and feuds. After picking one with Kylie Jenner over her skincare collection, he is now coming for Lady Gaga. Gaga who recently launched her makeup collection named Haus Laboratories went with pre-order. But seems like Star has a problem with that kind of shopping. After he publicly attacked the singer and actress, her fans jumped in to her defense. As Star got slammed for his shade, he was forced to take his defense to a Snapchat video claiming that he has nothing against Gaga. But he was just offering opinion.

Jeffree Star Attacks Lady Gaga and Her Makeup Line ‘Haus Laboratories’

The controversial YouTuber involved the Lady Gaga fans as he took to Twitter to express how everyone wanted him to review Haus Laboratories makeup, but it wasn’t available for delivery right away.


However, looks like The Little Monsters (Gaga fans) are much difficult to cross. Immediately, Jeffree Star got dragged on Twitter for his subtle shade at Haus Laboratories. One fan claimed it was called pre-ordering, but he should not try it. This forced Star to respond claiming that he knew what a pre-order was. But all he was trying to say is that when you are the success level of Gaga, the product should be available for sale immediately. Just because he claimed that customers should not have to wait for months does not implies that he is against Lady Gaga.


Other fans were much more harsh telling Jeffree Star that if he attacked Lady Gaga, his follower count would suffer more than James Charles did in the Tati Westbrook feud.

Since Twitter was no longer safe for him, he expressed his opinions on Snapchat. In a video, he claimed that as a makeup lover, he immediately wanted delivery. He added that,

As a consumer and a customer of makeup that’s my opinion. I did a pre-order once when Blood Sugar was selling 100,000 every week last year in 2018. Every one’s trying to come for me, but we did a pre-order once in five years. It’s just an opinion we all have one, doesn’t mean I don’t love Gaga.

But will fans believe it’s true? Or his history with beefing and feuds will lead us to believe otherwise?

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