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Dr. Phil Analyses Murder In America

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Dr. Phillip McGraw, commonly referred as Dr. Phil, is an American psychologist, author and a TV personality. Dr. Phil himself has been an alleged part of many controversies and lawsuits in the past.  However, that has not affected his popularity. His latest podcast covers a very vital topic: Murder in America.

The In-Depth Look At Crime Cases & Murder in America

In his podcast, Dr. Phil has discussed the reasons behind crime cases and murders in detail. Important questions are addressed which include why do people resort to murder, what triggers someone that they decide to kill the person in front of them. Can we identify the characteristics of a person who has a tendency of committing mass shooting and murders? These are all the thoughts we have but we do not have a precise answer. And that is what Dr. Phil is trying to answer in his podcast: Murder in America.

One murder happens every 29 minutes in America and one happens every 60 seconds globally.

Dr. Phil’s stats say only 14% or murders in America are committed by strangers. 15% or murders are committed by spouse or family members, 33% by acquaintances, 33% are undetermined. That’s not it. 40% of the murderers in America get away with it.

People resort to violence when they run out of socially acceptable ways to express themselves. They run out of words, they run out of arguments, they run out of ways to deflect. They say don’t mess with a wounded cornered animal.

People, social animals, turn to murder when they have no other alternative in their minds. When they fail in communication and cannot convince the other party, rage and revenge make them commit murder.

Dr. Phil advises that situational awareness is critically important. Many people of the population are mentally unstable.

Violent Video Games Are Causing Rage And Murder?

As per Dr. Phil, there is a chance that the violent video games might be affecting the minds of children and adults. The controller is a gun and they are blowing people’s heads off in the game, shooting people down with automatic guns and using grenades. The games are not therapeutic but it can be said the games are making people more violent.

Dr. Phil’s Podcasts And Discussions On Murders

Before this particular podcast episode, Dr. Phil was covering specific murder cases. However, people left him feedback on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and asked to analyze reasons behind a murder and how to identify the criminals. Dr. Phil also discussed mass shootings and family shootings in his podcast.

The podcasts are available on Apple.

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