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Gossip Girl Reboot With The Same Cast


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You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about this already. Yes it true. Gossip Girl reboot is officially happening and we don’t know what to do. We’re big fans of the original show and though seldom reboots work , we’re rooting for this one. That is if the same cast is in the show. Seriously what even is the purpose of making a Gossip Girl reboot if it’s not going to have Blair Waldorf! So, is Blair Waldorf making a comeback? You’ll just have to read to find out.

Everything We Know About The Gossip Girl Reboot

The reboot was rumored back in February but it was all smoke and no fire. However, now there’s a full fledged fire as the show is officially coming back. The creators of the original Gossip Girl are behind this reboot too. Unfortunately, we can’t say anything about the cast. They’re saying that the reboot will focus on a new generation of New York’s elites and how they’ll resurface a website that went dark eight years ago. The new Gossip Girl will tackle with how high school life and social media has changed and impacted teen and youth over the years.

Though we’re stoked for this new reboot, but still. No Blair Waldorf, no Gossip Girl! However, one can hope. So keep your fingers crossed and just keep on hoping that the og cast will make a comeback of sorts in the new Gossip Girl reboot.

Fans Are in a Frenzy

If you’re not a fan of Gossip Girl, then well sorry, you’ve got no taste and you’re opinion doesn’t matters. It won’t wrong to call Gossip Girl “THE TEEN DRAMA”. Seriously no other teen drama can even come close to the excellence that Gossip Girl was. So, naturally fans have lost their sh’t and are in a frenzy.

Everyone’s excited about the reboot and these tweets are a proof of that.


There’s a consensus on one thing. There’s no Gossip Girl without Blair Waldorf.


But no one is asking that real questions here. Who is going to voice Gossip Girl in the Gossip Girl reboot. If it’s not Kristen Bell, then whats the point!!

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