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Keemstar Is Launching Storm Area 51 Game Soon

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Keemstar (Daniel Keem) is a YouTuber famous for his Drama Alert YouTube channel with 5.2 million subscribers. His videos mostly contain drama alerts from other YouTubers and Influencers. He is also running a gaming YouTube channel by the name of Keemstar. Due to his love for games and drama, Daniel Keem is working on Storm Area 51 game and it is launching sooner than expected.

Why Keemstar Wants A Storm Area 51 Game?

If you are a regular internet user and you have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you must have seen those trending Storm Area 51 memes. Area 51 is a highly classified US Air Force base. It is located in Nevada and trespassers are not allowed. No one really knows what goes inside the Air Force facility since information is highly classified. The classified aircraft research gave birth to many conspiracy theories including UFOs and Aliens.

A person residing in California started the Area 51 Facebook group as a joke and it became the internet sensation. The theme behind raiding Area 51 was “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us”. He also announced a date, September 20, to gather an army of internet users and storm Area 51 to save aliens. Keemstar liked the idea so much he has started working on a game “Storm Area 51” with developers.


Development Stage Of Storm Area 51 Game

The developers are apparently working very hard on the game and trying to turn Area 51 memes into the game as well. The first teaser shared by Keemstar shows few Naruto Runners trying to enter Area 51. Scoring includes “Aliens Saved” which means we will be seeing aliens in the game as well.

Keemstar also asked his followers to submit their voices for audio to be used in Area 51. The persons whose voices will finally make it to the Storm Area 51 game will get a free copy of the game. Moreover, Keemstar also wants to know whether you all will like swearing included in the game.


Release Date & Cost

Keemstar has confirmed that the game will be released in the next 48 hours. The cost will be under $20 but exact cost is still not confirmed.

we decided to put it out on early access. Most likely will be available on steam in 48hrs. The game is definitely not done. But it is playable & fun. So we decided to drop it if it makes money will take that money & put it back into the game to make it even better. It will definitely be under $20 ! That’s all I can promise at this point. Srry. Idk yet.

You can watch the teaser below.


Update: Keemstar has just confirmed that the game comes out on July 20.


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