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9 Things About Being An Introvert (That Only Introverts Will Understand)

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Many of us are being an introvert these days, but we have to admit there’s a whole variety of us. It’s hard to pinpoint what makes someone an introvert. But, the common theme is that they usually prefer to be alone and stay away from humans. So basically really smart people.

Following is a list of scenarios only my introverted friends out there can find relatable. We all have those awkward situations where we beg for an escape. Read on to see what’s an introvert life is like, in the big and small things.

1 Being Secretly Relieved When People Cancel Plans

Being Secretly Relieved When People Cancel Plans


Oh, the program was delayed? Oh no that’s perfectly cool for us. Yeah its okay, we can probably postpone this to never. Plans seem like so much stress, and when they suddenly are cancelled, it’s as if the angels descended from heaven to personally remove all that load of our introverted backs.

2 Taking A Detour To Avoid Someone You Know In Public

Taking A Detour To Avoid Someone You Know In Public

(group of friends, a person moving away from them)

Oh shit, is that Stephanie from Class? Gotta throw on my shades and earphones now and look at the floor as I totally secretly powerwalk myself out of this situation and into a pole. God! The nerve of people to expect you to meet them.

3 Never answering in class

Never answering in class

(someone sitting in class being bored)

When the teacher’s going around asking a question, and you know the answer but like it’s so hard to decide how you’re going to tell it. It certainly doesn’t help when you think of a million scenarios where it will go wrong. So, by the end of the day, you decide its better just staying quiet and roaming around in your imaginary happy place.

4 Needing time for a recharge

Needing time for a recharge

(someone smiling alone in the woods)

All introverts know that one socializing event is enough to satisfy us for months. There has to be about a period of around 6-30 weeks in between. We need to recharge. No offense to anybody, it’s just how we roll.

5 Leaving Earlier at social events

Leaving Earlier at social events

(someone leaving a party)

You probably encountered a few clever introverts saying they can’t stay out for too long using some spot on excuses. Sometimes we glitch and say that our cats need feeding, despite us never owning a cat. Always hate it when our friends always remember that…

6 Wishing People Would Understand Us Without Speaking

Wishing People Would Understand Us Without Speaking

(people just staring at each other)

It’s such a pain to vocalize everything, like try putting yourself in our shoes. One-hour conversation means we need a couple of hours to ourselves. It’s also better to just communicate with the eyes. Eyes can speak wonders. It’s an art in itself.

7 People Thinking We’re Bitches

People Thinking We’re Bitches

(person awkward)

A lot of people tend to think that introverts are silently judging every move others are making. Actually, we just like to observe more than we like to talk. Just because we don’t like talking, doesn’t mean we don’t like you.

8 An Introvert Avoid Phone Calls As If They’re The Plague

An Introvert Avoid Phone Calls As If They’re The Plague

(person looking scared at a phone/call)

Oh, heeelll to the no! We won’t be picking up that phone call. It might seem rude to you but honestly, what’s even the need to call in this day and age when you can text?

9 Despising Group Work

Despising Group Work

(people in group work arguing/fighting)

Group projects are stressful as it is, but when you’re an introvert that effect is multiplied tenfold. It’s hard to talk about our ideas when you don’t like talking.

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