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An Ironheart Movie Can Bring Back Robert Downey Jr. in MCU

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We were completely devastated at witnessing the death of Iron Man AKA Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame. It was also officially confirmed that Robert Downey Jr.’s contract with Marvel studios was over. So, we assumed that the chances of seeing the actor in the upcoming Marvel movies again would be pretty dim. But are we mistaken?

There is actually a chance Iron Man could return. The Ironheart movie is the key to that happening. When Tony Stark sacrificed his soul to save everyone in Avengers: Endgame, we thought it was the end of Iron Man who we have seen on our marvel movies for eleven years. The Marvel studios indeed owe a lot to Robert Downey Jr. because it was his first Iron Man movie in 2008 that launched our memorable journey into the marvel cinematic universe.

Filling the Void of Iron Man Is Gonna Be Tough

Filling Void Of Iron Man Is Gonna Be Tough
Marvel Studios

Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr. had a captivating presence on the screens. The story moved with him, even in the Avengers Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame movies. The depth Downey Jr. added was priceless. But it doesn’t mean no one else can fill the void of Iron Man.

There have been several suggestions that Tom Holland’s character of Spiderman aka Peter Parker might become the next Iron Man. But he’s not the only option MCU has. There’s also tony Stark’s wife Pepper Potts of taking on the role as well as his friend James Rhodes. Stark’s daughter Morgan Stark could inherit this role from her father too. There’s also the chance of  Harley Keener becoming the Iron Lad.

Introducing Riri Williams AKA Ironheart

Introducing Riri Williams AKA Ironheart

Though we haven’t seen yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Riri Williams has made an appearance in the Marvel Comics. In the comics, we see her taking over the job after Tony Stark was entrapped in a deep coma. Moreover, she is connected to Mr. Stark in many ways. Screen Rant is hoping that this very relationship will be displayed in the marvel cinematic universe. That will provide the opportunity for a possible cameo by Robert Downey Jr. Moreover, the actor himself has shown great support for adding the character of Ironheart in the marvel cinematic universe.

Robert Downey Jr. In the Solo Ironheart Movie

The Ironheart movie, if it happens which we are desperately hoping it will, can show us the origin story of Ironheart. Riri Williams’ relationship with Tony Stark could be shown from the very beginning. It might not be filled with huge action sequences but may focus more on the storyline. That’s when we may get to see Robert Downey Jr. reprise his role as Iron Man. The MCU is already in a bit of a habit of jumping between different timelines to tell different stories of all the characters. Even if the whole story isn’t centered around Robert Downey Jr. and Riri Williams’ relationship, there should be some flashback scenes.

Of course, there’s another possibility of us seeing him in upcoming marvel movies.

A.I. Of Tony Stark

The MCU could go to a different route and just bring an A.I. version of Tony Stark. Yep, we could be seeing a hologram version of Robert Downey Jr. being there to guide Riri on her superhero journey. This is another thing that has only happened in Marvel Comics as of now. But hey if we can get an Eternals movie, then we can get an A.I. Tony Stark!

As of now, there is no confirmation on the Riri Williams solo movie. There’s already a script made by Eve Ewing and the support of the original Iron Man himself. Although Downey Jr. has bid farewell to his Iron suit, we’re still hoping he comes in our screens in the upcoming Marvel movies.

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