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What’s in Store For Us in The Society Season 2

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The Society fandom rejoice because the show has been renewed for a season 2. It took some begging and waiting but Netflix finally came through. The finale of the first season left us all confused and with so many questions, and hopefully all these question would be answered in season 2.

Where Are The Parents?

One of the most pressing questions and mystery of the show is, where are the parents? Did they leave their children? Or are the children in some other dimension or universe? The answer might just be that West Ham and New Ham are in different parallel universe. In the finale of season 1, we see Cassandra and Allie’s mum reading to small kids a paragraph from peter pan, and behind her on a plaque were the names of all the high school students living in New Ham. If that didn’t spook you, you’ve got a really strong heart!

Who is Becca’s Baby-daddy?

We all know that Sam is not the father of Becca’s baby, but the question arises who it is then? Is it Harry? Luke? or GOD FORBID CAMPBELL!!!! The actors have said that the answer to this question is at the center of the story and it’ll shock everyone. Fans are speculating that the father might be one of the parents. And if that is so, Becca’s character is going to take a full turn and become even more interesting.

What Will Happen to Allie and Will?

In the last episode we see Lexie, Harry, Campbell and the Guard staging a coup and arrest Will and Allie. The town of New Ham has no definite law and though Dewey was executed, it is important to remember that he was charged with murder. Allie and Will are charged with tampering with the mayoral elections. Will they both get the same punishment as Dewey or in another way?


The Society season 2 has officially been renewed and it will air in 2020. The exact release date has not been disclosed yet but we’re betting it will be somewhere in between Early 2020 and July 2020. The cast of the show includes Alex Fitzalan, Jack Mulhern, Toby Wallace, Kathryn Newton and Grace Victoria Cox.

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