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Will Arnett Shares Why He Chose To Join ‘Riviera’

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We haven’t been seeing Will Arnett in a lot of acting roles these days. Yep, he’s been doing a lot of voicing roles such as that of Bojack on Bojack Horseman and Batman in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. Apart from this, we only saw him in Arrested Development. Most of these TV shows and movies are all in the comedy genre. Hence, Will Arnett suddenly joining the dramatic series of Riviera was interesting to see.

In an interview with TV insider, Will Arnett shared what drew him to to play the role of Jeff in Riviera.

Will Arnett Wanted to Try Something Different

The actor shares that he was interested in venturing into a different genre. The dramatic Riviera is a drama thriller that is focused on the lives of a rich family doing crazy and odd things to protect themselves. Of course, anyone would be interested enough to join the cast.

 Well, I liked the idea of going to do something totally out of my wheelhouse. I was just handed this big, sprawling [project] with crazy rich people doing bizarre things that most of us don’t ever get to see or experience. I thought it would be fun.

Moreover, the role Arnett plays is distinctly different from everyone else on the Riviera cast. He plays Jeff, Georgina’s Uncle, who is in ways the only positive voice in their world of bad guys. In a way, Jeff is the only good guy that would help Georgina figure out the right thing to do.

Moreover, the actor had a great time working with the diverse cast as well. Riviera consists of Julia Stiles (Georgina), Lena Olin (Irina), Iwan Rheon (Adam), Adrian Lester (Robert), Roxane Duran (Adriana), and Dimitri Leonidas (Christos).

It was a great group of people, a great cast and just an awesome team.

Moreover, Will Arnett shares that the idea of shooting in France was quite appealing to him as well. The beautiful scenery that is often showcased in Riviera is something the actor was drawn to.

Of course, we got to shoot on these incredible locations, which were just as beautiful as they look on film. Being over there really helped get into that vibe and enhanced the whole thing.

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