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Ray Diaz’s EX GF Scared To Go Home After His Bail

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Ray Diaz was recently arrested by LAPD detectives on suspicion of sexual assault. His ex-girlfriend Angelica Salek, with the help of Keemstar, had come forward with proof against physical and mental abuse. Following which, LAPD investigated the accusation and arrested Ray Diaz. However, he has been released on bail and Angelica Salek is scared to go back to her place now.

Keemstar’s Role In Saving Angelica Salek From Ray Diaz

The whole issue was brought into light when a famous YouTuber/Influencer known by the name Keemstar posted this tweet.


Keemstar (Daniel Keem) is known to stir feud by highlighting dramas which most of the people avoid. After his tweet, Ray Diaz accused him of using his name to get fame.

In response to Keemstar’s Tweet, Ray Diaz also posted something in his defense.

Another note that was brought up by a fan. If she STOLE a car how did I take her? Again please look at the facts before you try to destroy someone again for no reason.

In a very disturbing video shared by Keemstar a week after his first tweet, Ray Diaz can be heard threatening Angelica Salek, a 17-Years old model. Though Ray Diaz denies it. However, Angelica has confirmed that Ray Diaz was dating her since she was 16. They were also involved in a physical relationship. (Ray Diaz is 33 and Angelica is 17, which makes it Statutory Rape). 

Angelica’s mother leaked a part of that video clip where Ray Diaz was threatening Angelica. However, later Angelica released a video saying that video was fake and it was basically an acting section which is being misinterpreted. However, on Keemstar’s involvement, things changed and the truth finally came out.

Angelica Salek Came Out With The Truth

Angelica confirmed she was with Ray Diaz on the 4th of July day when police arrived at his place. In order to hide Angelica from the police, Ray Diaz cut open his mattress and hid Angelica inside her mattress, covered it and asked another girl to sit on top of the mattress. Angelica was squeezed underneath her the whole time police was there searching for her.

Feud Between Ray Diaz and Keemstar

The video resulted in a feud between Diaz and Keemstar. Diaz claimed he is innocent and he did not do anything he was being blamed for.


After Angelica’s confirmation that police is involved, Keemstar tried to help her out by reaching out to LAPD himself.


He also tried making #LAPD and #RayDiaz trending on twitter by his followers’ help.


Soon after his tweet, LAPD responded through their own twitter handle.

Keemstar also discovered other girls who were threatened by Ray Diaz in the past.


LAPD finally arrested Ray Diaz on finding enough evidence.

Released On Bail

After his arrest, Keemstar joked about Diaz’s release and his murder attempt on Keemstar.

If he makes bail & Kills me. I want everyone to show up to my funeral! I want it lived streamed! And I give express permission for you to put ads on your videos. And I want a Gfuel booth at funeral & Logan Paul to Vlog it! Also there will be a VIP section for YouTubers over 1M subs!

Keemstar also shared posts from other girls who were abused by him. After his release, Keemstar released Angelica’s video where she confirmed she is scared to go back home.


The release has unsettled Angelica Salek. However, Diaz or his family members have not released any statement after his arrest and release.

We hope Angelica Salek and Daniel Keem stay well-protected and justice will be served.

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