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Shane Dawson Has a Video Coming This Week!

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Shane Dawson has made his fans pretty impatient. After all, the last we got a video out of him was around five months ago when he released his conspiracy series. Then we knew that Dawson was working on a mega series with Jeffree Star. Lately, we have found out that it’s going to expose the secrets of the beauty community in Youtube.

Though, before any of that happens. There is a new video coming from Shane Dawson! Apparently, it’s not the conspiracy video that he was already working on. For some reason, the plans to do that got derailed.


But don’t fret Shane Dawson fans. For there is a new video coming out pretty soon.


It could be about literally anything at this point. Perhaps it would be a take on the college scam case because Shane Dawson was pretty interested in that. Or maybe it would be exposing another company like he did before in his conspiracy video where he called out Apple, Hollister Co. and Abercrombie & Fitch.

The only hint we have is apparently this:



We don’t know yet but I guess everyone is just happy Shane’s giving us a new video. The hiatus was too much for us.

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