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Stranger Things’ Billy | A Villain/Victim Who Stole Many Hearts


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Stranger Things season 3 came out 10 days back and within these 10 days, many people have shifted their views from wanting Billy dead to wanting Billy back on the show. The villain and asshole-ish Billy (Dacre Montgomery) turned into a victim and a savior towards the end of Stranger Things Season 3. Billy was not your typical-innocent-victimized minion of a supernatural powerful antagonist. In fact, his bullying nature was highlighted many times during the last 2 seasons. Consequently, people did not like his character bullying and threatening the main leads of the show. However, his character arc shift in Stranger Things season 3 have people in tears now.

Different Layers of Billy In Stranger Things Season 3

Billy (Dacre Montgomery) has showcased many versions in season 3. Billy’s real version is shown flirting and just being himself in the beginning of the season. Later, possessed version of Billy is busy recruiting bodies for the Mind Flayer. Finally, in episode 8, we get to see the torn version of Billy who still misses his mother and has a human heart deep inside him. Billy’s layers being revealed made this season pretty interesting. It was heart-wrenching to see him sacrificing himself in order to save Eleven. In a recent interview with The New York Times, he explained his experience shooting that last scene.

She (Eleven / Millie Bobbie Brown) has such an emotional maturity. I like to give 150 percent every time I’m on set, and she’s the same way. We just scream at each other and cry and talk about things. It was warm and collaborative, and I was lucky that I had an actor who could provide all that emotion. When she’s talking about my mother, it’s painful, and we had to keep having our eyes wiped down, for continuity, because of crying.

Even Possessed, Billy Defied Mind Flayer’s Manipulation

Billy sacrificed himself in order to save Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown) in the last episode of season 3. But, interestingly, that was not the first time he defied mind flayer. Let’s recall the time after his possession. Billy was on his duty as a lifeguard at Hawkins Community Pool. The possession made him sweaty, imbalanced and uncomfortable. He went inside (away from the sunlight) and had a vision of himself smacking Karen (Mike’s Mother) in the head. It was apparently mind flayer forcing Billy to turn Karen into one of his flayed victims.

But, instead of following mind flayer, Billy resisted the attack and asked Karen to stay away from him. Just imagine Billy surrendering to mind flayer at that moment. It would have turned Karen’s entire family including Mike and Nancy into mind flayer’s team of walking dead. The resistance also proved that Billy indeed had feelings for Karen and he cared about her. In an interview with CBS This Morning, Dacre Montgomery talked about humanizing his character.

I just think humanizing the villain is the most organic way to represent someone. I did a lot of research on people with bipolar disorder and split personality disorder, tried to have this person suffering under the surface the whole way through the season.

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