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The Real Miley Cyrus Controversy Over Plagiarizing Song

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The popular singer Miley Cyrus is facing herself stuck in another controversy. But it seems like this time again, she is facing backlash on plagiarism in her music. Previously, she was accused of using an artist’s food porn to promote her new album. But this time, the charges are even more serious. A Canadian activist has called out her song Mother’s Daughter claiming that the singer has stolen her slogans. However, for some reasons, Xenia Chernyshova has not taken any legal actions against Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus Faces Backlash Over plagiarizing ‘Mother’s Daughter’

After the release of Mother’s Daughter, Canadian activist Xenia Chernyshova claimed that the pop star had actually used her slogans in her new video. Xenia has been working with Femen in Quebec. This international organization has been striving to protest for women’s rights. As part of their operations, they sell merchandise and clothing on their website. Interestingly enough, one such t-shirt on the site reads ‘Every Woman is a Riot’.

For those who have watched the new music video for Mother’s Daughter are aware that a few seconds into it, the exact same phrase appears on the screen. Moving further, two other slogans namely “Sin is in your eyes” and French reading “L’herorisme de la chair” which means “the heroism of the flesh” appear as well.

The Miley Cyrus controversy sparked when Xenia claimed that she came up with all three slogans. In fact, the last two were used at a Femen protest in Quebec in 2013. She claimed the rights to these slogans saying that,

I burst into tears when I saw that it was not fair Every woman is a riot, but also Sin is in your eyes and The heroism of the flesh … the three! It came out of my mouth, I gave birth to these slogans!

Although she feels honored to have these messages get attention, she does not want to make money out of it. But due to certain complications, she might not press charges of plagiarism in music against Cyrus.

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