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Noah Schnapp and Lilly Singh Take Stranger Things Quiz

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The Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp recently returned back to his YouTube channel. But looks like that’s not the best part. What’s even more exciting is that he paired up with Superwoman aka Lilly Singh for two Stranger Things themed videos. With season 3 here, the video will be a quiz on what type of a Stranger Things fan are you? Looks like there is finally a collaboration we would be ready to die for!

Which Stranger Things Character are Noah Schnapp and Lilly Singh?

Ahead of Stranger Things season 3, Lilly Singh collaborated with Noah who plays Will Byers on the show. The two made 2 videos themed on the series and attempt to answer all important questions you should in order to determine what fan are you.

In the video, both YouTubers looked into all the hilarious fan stereotypes that you can possibly find. Some characters that they act out include ‘The Hipster Fan’, ‘The Too Cool For School Fan’, and ‘The Stan Fan’. In fact, they open up the video by dressing up as Barb from season 1 of the show. All jokes apart, it seems like the two can really pull of that look!

Noah Schnapp and Lilly also collaborated for the Superwoman’s channel. This time, the duo took an online quiz called ‘Which Stranger Things character are you really?’. After answering a series of questions on screen, they end up revealing which ones they would be. To find out what they’ll be, you can watch their quiz here.

Ahead of Stranger Things season 3 which recently came to Netflix, Noah Schnapp talked about the show ending. He claimed that it was sad, and too much to handle.

Wouldn’t we all love if Lilly and Noah collaborate again for Stranger Things?

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