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Hilary Duff Mom-shamed Over Parenting Choice

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The popular actress Hilary Duff is facing fire on the internet for some controversial parenting choices. In a recent cute photograph with her daughter Banks Violet Bair, some fans noticed that Duff had put little studs in the 8 month old’s ears. Although that remains her personal choice, Hilary was soon mom shamed for doing this to her daughter. While many went to her defense, others are vowing to unfollow the actress on social media.

Hilary Duff Stuck in Controversy Over Parenting Choice

At the first glance, Hilary’s latest Instagram picture with her baby daughter is overly cute. But there are some eagle-eyed fans who observed more than just love between the two. They were quick to notice that Banks Violet Bair was wearing studs.

The earrings appear to be a new addition to the baby’s look since they can’t be spotted in her previous pictures from June.


Soon after she shared the photograph, the actress got heavily mom shamed. People started claiming that piercing a baby’s ears counted in child abuse. Some fans even promised that they would unfollow Hilary Duff. However, some came to her defense arguing that piercing was a significant part in many cultures and it was totally unfair for people to compare it to child abuse. One such fan claimed that,

Get off this post mom shaming … you guys piercing is apart of some cultures how dare you compare it to abuse.

Another one added that,

FYI: 99.9% of latinas get our ears pierced before we even get a bath for the first time. So chill, we’re all good!

Others claimed that if male circumcision was okay, ear piercing was fine too.

Hilary Duff welcomed her baby girl Banks Violet Bair in last fall. No matter what people might say, the two look happier than ever!

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