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Let’s Recap Stranger Things Before Season 3 Arrives

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Do you realize that the last time we saw Stranger Things was about 21 months ago? Yeah, me neither. Time does fly when there so many great TV shows on Netflix to binge. But there’s nothing quite like the charm that Stranger Things gives us. Now, everyone surely got busy with their lives and forgot the exact events that happened in season 1 and 2. But don’t worry! You won’t have to binge watch the whole seasons again, we have compiled a brief recap on the things you need to know before Stranger Things season 3 finally arrives on Netflix.

What Happened With Will During the Two Seasons of Stranger Things

The whole premise of the first season of the series involved Will Byers (Noah Schnapp)’s mysterious disappearance. Later, we find out that Will is trapped in the alternate dimension that the kids end up calling the Upside Down. After he is rescued, with the help of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Will and his group of friends try to go back to their normal routine. Will returns to his mom and brother, Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton).

However, Will is getting painful memories involving the visions of the Upside Down. The implication is that Will is psychically traveling to the Upside Down. At one point, we see that the monster inhabiting the Upside Down, Mind Flayer, makes Will sick and then takes over his body. This leads to the Mind Flayer manipulating a team of agents from the Hawkins Lab into a deadly trap.

That was also the devastating moment where we saw Joyce’s new adorkable boyfriend Bob (Sean Astin) sacrifice his life to save everyone including Joyce, Will, Mike, Chief Hopper from the savage demodogs. Demodogs are the mini scary version of the Demogorgan monster we encountered in season 1 of Stranger Things.

Max Joins and Causes a Bit of High School Drama

We see a bit of good old high school drama involving love triangles when Max (Sadie Sink) joins the school our main group  (Will, Dustin, Lucas, Mike) go to. Unfortunately, both Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) develop a crush on Sadie. By the end, we see Caleb and Max getting pretty close. Don’t worry about Dustin, because he finds an unlikely friendship with Steve (more on that later).

Max doesn’t come to Hawkins alone. Her bully of a brother Billy (Dacre Montgomery) is also present who tries to get Steve’s position in the high school food chain. Meanwhile, Mike is still going through depression in the initial episodes of the second season because Eleven vanished in season 1 finale.

Dustin’s Adventures With Steve

Dustin has an adventure of his own. He finds a slug-like creature which Will believes is a creature from the Upside Down. But Dustin is attached to the little creature and tries to raise him as a pet before finally realizing he’s a demodog. This discovery comes after his cat is eaten by the small slug Dustin has named ‘Dart’.

This leads to Dustin to get Steve’s help. Steve (Joe Keery), the former boyfriend of Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and general bully, gets a nice character development after he gets dumped. He agrees to help Dustin and the duo form a cute friendship.

Eleven Has a Goth Phase And Then Returns to Save The Gang in Hawkins Lab

We find out in Stranger Things season 2 that Chief Hopper was hiding Eleven in his cabin. This was kept as a secret so as to keep the government away from Eleven. Though, there is a falling out between the two and Eleven ends up leaving the house. She tries to search for her birth mother. This leads to Eleven finding her sister who was a victim of the evil Lab experiments at Hawkins. The sister ‘Eight’ (Linnea Berthelsen) makes her vengeful in a way that is dangerous. Though, Eleven doesn’t give in and returns to Hawkins where her friends need her.

As expected, she saves the day yet again. Eleven saves everyone from the demodogs. After a reunion with Mike, they endeavor to close down the Upside Down’s gate. Meanwhile, Joyce, Nancy and Jonathan burn the Mind Flayer from Will’s body. Dustin, Mike, Max, Lucas and Steve distract the demodogs so that Eleven can easily close down the gate.

Jonathan and Nancy | Sherlock and Watson of Hawkins

Nancy breaks up with Steve and joins Jonathan in uncovering the truth about the Hawkins lab. They enlist the help of a conspiracy theorist (Brett Gelman) so that they can tell the whole world what the lab really is. After all, Eleven’s experimentation and Barb’s death is on their hands. The detective gang end up recording some audio that reveal what the Hawkins Lab did. The audios were revealed to the press but the whole world still assumes there was a chemical leak problem instead of monsters and the like. Also, Jonathan and Nancy get together too! But how can anyone focus on that when there are so many dire things to deal with?

Bittersweet Happy Ending

After all these events take place. the Hawkins Lab is shut down per the government’s orders. Eleven receives a birth certificate where Hopper is listed as her adoptive father. There’s a happy school dance at the end where love is in the air. Max and Lucas share an adorable kiss, Eleven and Mike finally get a chance to be enjoy each other’s company and dance without worrying about any monsters. Will dances with a sweet girl too! Dustin experiences a temporary rejection before Nancy swoops in and bucks him up. We finally get a happy ending, yay! But do we?

Just as we all breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at the kids dancing with each other, we see that the camera turn upside down. And that means the Mind Flayer is still lurking in Hawkins Lab.

While we wait for Stranger Things season 3, here’s the trailer.

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