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How Alex Fitzalan Prepared For Netflix’s ‘The Society’

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Move aside Noah Centineo because there’s a new heart throb in town. Alex Fitzalan who plays the rich brat Harry Bringham in Netflix’s The Society, is without a doubt a new heart throb in the making. He’s got the looks for it and we’ll go on to say he’s got an advantage too with his curls. Also he’s got an accent. If you don’t love him already, trust us its it’ll take little time for him to win you over.

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Alex Fitzalan on How He Got to Work On The Society

If you’re not familiar with the actors’ name, it’s okay because he is only a film old. The Australian actor made his debut with the horror film Slenderman and though the movie flopped, Alex took our hearts away. Now, we saw him playing the role of Harry in the new TV series The Society.

Harry of The Society is not exactly the best hero out there, we’re looking forward to his redemption arc in the following seasons. However, don’t hold your breath because there’s no confirmation for the renewal of The Society season 2. But don’t worry, we think that there will be a season 2 as the show is quite popular and it’s safe to say that it could go on to become as popular as Riverdale.

Although Fitzalan has got the looks and the acting chops for to be the next big thing, the actor has faced many rejections. The actor sat down with GQ Australia and told them very candidly about his rejected pilots.

I’ve been on so many pilots thinking ‘this is going to be the one.’ Every single one, three times, and they all failed. Well, weren’t picked up.

Alex Explains How He Prepared For The Society

In the same interview with GQ Australia, Alex Fitzalan explained how he prepared for his role in The Society.

With the other ones it was only a segment of a story, but with this one I got to tell the whole story and that was so rewarding. By episode five I was having to do serious research about opioid addiction and depression, and really finding a character, and I’d never really done that before.

When asked abut he tackled with confronting issues such as depression and addiction for his role in The Society, the actor replied,

I feel like I’ve been brainwashed by our society – I have so many memories of crying or being hurt or vulnerable and being told that’s not okay. It seems so deep-seeded. I’m trying to work through it and I think this was a very therapeutic experience.

Hopefully we’ll get to see Harry overcoming his depression and addiction in season 2 just like Alex Fitzalan did.

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