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Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart Subtly Campaigned For Elizabeth Warren

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Booksmart, an instant cult classic from Olivia Wilde, breathed new life into the team comedy genre. Aside from turning in a new platform for or an impressive lineup of raffish young talents, Booksmart maintained. a progressive, inclusive social narrative that on many levels opened up new avenues with. respect to what a teen-comedy could offer.  Coming off as a successor to an equally marvellous. 2007 teen-comedy, Superbad, Booksmart refreshed and rebooted the sharp, humorous, warmth of its source material. As it took on the allegorical conundrums of a millennial high-school student, the teen-comedy challenged several. social preconceptions- the ones that are so absorbed into the daily lives that we fail to recognize how toxic they really. are, and while it was at it, it also exuded some political insight.

Booksmart Campaigned For Elizabeth Warren

As unsurprising as it may sound, it turns out that Booksmart actually had a go-blue vibe all this time. Since the production took place in a different time period, the film lacked political direction. Yet it knew where it had to go in the end.

A fan tweet recently pointed out that Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart had subtly campaigned for Elizabeth Warren as for the 2020 presidential elections. Moreover. Hence


The fan pointed out that she saw an Elizabeth Warren 2020 sticker in Amy’s (Kaitlyn Dever) car. As she tweeted about the same, director Olivia Wilde took notice of her observation and tweeted affirmatively about the same.

Wilde pointed out that Elizabeth Warren had not enlisted herself as a 2020 presidential election candidate back when they were filming the scene. Yet, they had high hopes that Warren would emerge as one of the presidential hopefuls.

Booksmart began filming in May 2018, while Elizabeth Warren did not formally announce her presidential run until this February.

Elizabeth Warren Takes Notice Of Her Sticker From Amy’s Car

Olivia Wilde’s social media banter with the Booksmart fan has enticed the attention of Elizabeth Warren. Warren; in fact, took to Twitter to acknowledge Wilde’s heartfelt shoutout. She also thanked Olivia for having faith in her.

In reply, Olivia expressed that she was honored by Warren’s recognition.


Much like Warren, several other celebrities are also singing praises for Olivia Wilde’s directional debut. Ryan Reynolds, Aaron Paul, Lili Reinhart, and Mindy Kaling all have their thumbs up for the film. As a matter of fact, Mindy Kaling even mentions that she has watched the movie in theatre twice. Elizabeth Warren presidential elections 2020

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