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‘Leaving NeverLand’ Pauses Michael Jackson’s 10th Death Anniversary Events

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The HBO documentary, ‘Leaving Neverland’ inaugurated at the Sundance Festival in January, has in fact, halted the media and associated personalities to celebrate the 10th death anniversary of Michael Jackson.

Leaving Neverland Changed The Scene

As a matter of fact, the Dan Reed documentary “Leaving Neverland” completely altered the positive repute of global pop icon. The two-part, four-hour documentary is basically a sobbing accusation of  two victims, Wade Robson and James Safechuck. The accusers told the streaming service  how brutally Jackson abused the guys in their agile ages. Though both of them are more than 30 now, they still shiver as teenagers upon remembering those ugly mishaps. The revelation is simply unacceptable yet shocking for millions of Jackson’s fans.

Since that declaration, almost every media resource ended up boycotting Jackson’s records but still there are some ardent supporters who deny whatever is told in the documentary.

HBO’s Most Watched Documentary

According to  HBO, 9.2 million viewers have watched the first of the two parts of “Leaving Neverland”. Thus, making it the most-seen HBO documentary ever. However, at the same time streaming and purchasing of Jackson’s music have not decreased markedly.

The Departed Singer Michael Jackson Was A Child Abuser?

Michael Jackson died at the age of  50 because of drug overdose which he administered for a sound sleep. The death as well as the circumstances were both suspicious. It left millions of rumors and rejoinders to connect with the mystery.

Additionally, the pop singer excessively earned negative reputations with the child abuse scandals. However, Jackson’s estate is completely against this blame and have sued  HBO for $100 million. His family, in fact, claimed that the singer found not guilty in 2005. This happened after an uninformed Neverland Ranch raid.

The Shelved Projects

Before the release of Leaving NeverLand, a swarm of productions were in -line to pay tribute to the world-famous Billy Jeans singer. One of them was a TV series adapted from the 2012 book “Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson”. This 10th Anniversary tribute wrapped up  after “Leaving Neverland” hit the screen. The network , in fact, labelled the project “toxic”. Another big release was a grand TV show that is being produced to revive Michael  Jackson’s “This is It” concert. The late singer wanted to launch the concert in London just before his death in 2009. Later, “Neverland” arose muting the “This is it” music to silence.

Fans Still Admire Michael Jackson’s Voice

Besides all these scams, there are still hundreds of fans at his grave on his 10th death anniversary. They all paid homage to Michael Jackson on Tuesday,at Glendale, Calif.


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