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Trisha Paytas Impersonates David Dobrik, Tana Mongeau & JoJo Siwa For Views?

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Trisha Paytas has had a whirlwind of a career. Now, she is finally coming up with content the audience is liking. Recently, Paytas had a creative idea to impersonate her old friends and YouTubers David Dobrik and Tana Mongeau. She also took on the role of the popular teen YouTuber JoJo Siwa.

Trisha Paytas Tried To Be David Dobrik For Few Hours

Despite of the history between the two, Trisha is still, kind-of, fangirling over David Dobrik. One of the reasons why Trisha Paytas broke up with Jason Nash involves David Dobrik. Trisha did not like his pranks and she called him horrible in a now-deleted video. Long story short, they are not in contact anymore and apparently they never will be. Because David Dobrik is a close friend of Jason Nash, Trisha’s ex-boyfriend.

Anyways, it was a tiny shock to see her impersonating David Dobrik. She even said she is doing it for her dying YouTube channel. She hopes it would give her more views. Apart from her ordering and eating food like Dobrik, she also tried being as generous as him. Trisha gave 1000 dollars to someone who recognized her as well as her get-up as Dobrik, 1000 dollars to friends of a guy who could not beat her in Rock-Paper-Scissor. Plus, 1000 dollars to a random person who was following her Instagram stories on-spot. And 1000 dollars to I-don’t-know-who because she was talking way to fast to understand. Comments on her YouTube video suggested she should have asked her Make-Up artist Adam to be Jason Nash. Yikes.

Hoping David Dobrik comments on this one. *Fingers Crossed*

Tana Mongeau And JoJo Siwa

Trisha Paytas has amazingly nailed her performance both as JoJo Siwa and Tana Mongeau, the famous YouTubers. The dressing, the acting, the language everything was on point. JoJo Siwa even had a video chat with Trisha during her act as she already gave her the consent of impression. Apparently she had Tana’s too. However, she did not get Dobrik’s since he is not talking to her. And she said she will not tag him as well. LOL.

Her new way of trying to save her channel may really work this time. Honestly speaking, she is very good with impressions. And if she keeps making such videos she will have her audience back.

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