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The Expanse Season 4’s New Teaser Has Easter Eggs Of Release Date

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The Expanse, which is due to air its Season 4 on a completely new platform -Amazon Prime, has.had its fans anticipating its arrival for quite some time now. The ambitious Sci-Fi opera .(which people evidently love more than X-Files) had faced the axe on its parent network SyFy after its third season, allegedly following a consistent lack of viewership.  The show’s ardent devotees, The Screaming Firewhawks; however, did not bow to the decision of the. network, and promptly launched a super-scale campaign to save the marvellous GoT-in-Space. From flying #SaveTheExpanse banners to calling out the show’s wrongful cancellation on all media platforms, The Expanse fans left no stone unturned to resurrect their favourite show. Having heard their cries, Jeff Bezos ultimately stepped into the. scenario, announcing that The Expanse had safely landed a new season at Amazon.  Now, a year later, fans might finally have The Expanse back on screens, as the show’s latest mysterious teaser has teased a potential release date for the show’s Season 4. The Expanse Season 4 cast trailer 

The Expanse Unveils A New Brief Teaser For Its Fourth Season

Just today, The Expanse has added a small teaser-like video clip on all its social media platforms. The 13-second video clip envisions the beginning of a new journey and also gets the right. elements to complement the idea. The teaser focuses on the premise’ main setting, the prestigious space-bound Rocinante. In the clip, a laboratory-induced voice-over inquires the Rocinante crew about the ship’s flight plan and landing. It demands the Rocinante to transmit the required data on the earliest-possible basis. The scene then quickly switches over to Cas Anvar and Wes Chatham, who are in control of the spaceship.

The chief pilot, Cas Anvar, then exclaims: ‘The Rocinante is ready to roll’. While his co-pilot replies: ‘This should be interesting’. The clip then brings Rocinante into focus from an exterior angle as it sets out to ‘flip and burn’. The Expanse Season 4 plot trailer cast

Easter Eggs About The Expanse Season 4 Release Date

While we engage ourselves in the clip’s central topic – The Rocinante, the teaser. stealthily sneaks up some crazy easter eggs into the ship. These clues aren’t exactly explicit, the clip’s caption holds a strong indication of their importance.

The teaser’s caption reads: ‘Coordinates set, prepare for flip and burn’. As described in the caption, the coordinates do appear briefly during the teaser.

A close analysis led us to conclude that the placement of these coordinates in the teaser was intelligently wary. The teaser enlisted the coordinates to be “32.706346 and 117.161912′. While the former coordinate apparently had no ulterior message, the latter one seems extremely mysterious.  The Expanse Season 4 plot trailer cast

As pointed out by reputed activist Amy Vernon, the coordinate suggests that the date 7.16.19- as extracted from the clue- has an important role in suggesting the arrival of The Expanse Season 4. The date can either itself be a release date for the Expanse Season 4, or it can simply. be the date when Amazon actually sets a premiere time for its big-ticket space opera. With the second scenario being far more likely, it appears we wouldn’t know about this at least until 16th July. The Expanse Season 4 plot trailer cast

Dominique Tipper And The Expanse’s Writers Tweet New Clues

Update: Dominique Tipper and The Expanse Writers’ Room have both retweeted the clip. Tipper clearly added in her caption if Screaming Firehawks had worked out the puzzle.



While fans may speculate that the coordinates reflect a potential release date, they actually correspond to the San Diego Convention Center, the home of ComicCon. At this point, the two theories converge into one idea. The Expanse is probably headed for another ComicCon in San Diego. And that is where it will finally set the release date for its season 4.

The Expanse’s fourth season will feature all surviving members from. its previous seasons with the addition of a few others in its cast. Furthermore, the show will follow the fourth book from James S.A. Corey’s volume, which serves as the source material for the show.

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  1. avasarala says

    It’s just the coordinate set for the SanDiego Convention Center – Where ComicCon will be. Also all of the main cast will be there ;).

    Its not a date

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