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Big Little Lies Season 2 Cast Members Choose Their Favorite Meryl Streep Movie

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The cast of HBO’s Big Little Lies Season 2, who is evidently very fond of Meryl Streep, is showing some big love for the Oscar’s most frequently nominated actress on her Birthday. Meryl Streep, who completed seven decades on her life this Saturday, has landed several online homages for her industry reputation, remarkable work, unparalleled talent, and grounded personality from every corner of the industry. Meryl Streep Movies

The online tributes also included notes from Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern, two of her co-stars on HBO’s Big Little Lies. Streep had joined the cast of Big Little Lies season 2, which began earlier this month, as Nicole Kidman’s Celeste’s mother-in-law Mary Louise. While on-screen, Streep’s Louise is not a fan of Witherspoon’s Madeline. Of course, in real life, there is nothing but love between the brilliant stars. Shortly after posting an online wish to Streep on her birthday, Witherspoon took to Instagram to inquire her co-stars about their favourite Meryl Streep movie. Below, are their replies.  Meryl Streep Movies Big Little Lies Season 2


Nicole Kidman’s Favourite Meryl Streep Movie

Aquaman actress Nicole Kidman, who also celebrated her birthday only a few days ago, has a long list of Meryl Streep favourites. When Reese Witherspoon asked her to pick her favourite Meryl movie, Kidman spontaneously named several of her works that she is fond of.

  • Kramer Vs. Kramer: Robert Benton’s legal drama film, which landed Meryl Streep her first Oscar win, is Nicole Kidman’s favourite Meryl-movie. The film also starred Dustin Hoffman and Jane Alexander alongside Streep.  Streep had accused the former over harassment allegations.
  • Out Of Africa: The 1985 adaptation of Isak Dinesen autobiographical book of the same name is also one of Nicole Kidman’s favourite Meryl-movie. Streep holds an ‘Academy Best Actress’ nomination for the film.
  • Sophie’s Choice: Kidman is also fond of the 1982 movie, Sophie’s Choice. The movie featured Streep as a Polish immigrant, Sophie, who shared a boarding house with her violent boyfriend. Streep again holds an Academy nod for Sophie’s Choice.
  • Adaptation: The final film on Nicole’s best Meryl-movies list is the 2002 Spike Jonze comedy-drama, Adaptation. Streep holds an Oscar nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category for the film. Meryl Streep Movies Big Little Lies Season 2

Laura Dern | Favourite Meryl Streep Movie

Laura Dern, who plays Renata Klein on Big Little Lies season 2, also cast her ballot for Krammer Vs Krammer. Dern; however, also added that she was also a fan of a few other Meryl-movies.

  • Deer Hunter: Michael Cimino’s war epic ‘Deer Hunter’, Meryl Streep’s second movie, is one of Dern’s favourite Meryl-movies. Meryl credits her first Oscar nomination to Deer Hunter.

Adam Scott And Jimmy Frohna

  • Defending Your Life: The men of Big Little Lies Season 2 unanimously agreed that Defending Your Life was their favourite Meryl-movie. The 1991 rom-com by Albert Brookes contained elements of allegory despite its comedic overtones.

Big Little Lies’ Reese Witherspoon

While she was hosting her Instagram story segment, Witherspoon too catalogued her own favourite Meryl-movies.  Meryl Streep Movies Big Little Lies Season 2

  • Postcards From The Edge: While talking to Nicole Kidman, Witherspoon pointed out that Postcards was an amazing Meryl-movie too. The 1990 Mike Nichols movie found its basis in Carrie Fisher’s screenplay.
  • Devil Wears Prada: Zoe Kravitz and Reese Witherspoon both find their favourite Meryl Streep movie in Devil Wears Prada. The 2006 comedy drama became a cultural touchstone. when Meryl Streep graced its narrative with an Anna Wintour-inspired character Miranda Priestly. Meryl Streep Movies Big Little Lies Season 2
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