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Lili Reinhart Jokes About Riverdale’s Crazy Plots!

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The popular actress Lili Reinhart who plays Betty Cooper in CW series Riverdale has some interesting thoughts on the plot twists in the show. Similar to many people on the internet, the actress seems to believe that the show is a bit bizarre despite being entertaining. After all, the show’s story line has been immensely twisted over its three seasons. With Riverdale season 4 coming up, things are bound to get even more jumbled up!

Lili Reinhart Believes Riverdale Plot Twists Are Unreal…

Reinhart took to her Instagram stories to share how she showed one of her costars some scenes from Riverdale’s season finale. But it seems like he didn’t take it that well. In fact, he expressed that he could not imagine what was happening in the show. And that he thought that the show actually took place in the real world. Lili shared that,

I showed my costar a small piece of Riverdale’s season 3 finale. His response was ‘I can’t even imagine what’s happening in this show. I thought it took place in the real world.’ LOL.

Riverdale taking crazy turns is something its fan have become used to. Just this last season we finally discovered who was behind the Black Hood and the mysterious Gargoyle king. It wasn’t Hiram Lodge. In fact, it was the sly Penelope Blossom!

While she revealed her true identity to Jughead (Cole Sprouse) , Betty, Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Archie (KJ Apa) , she also sent them out in the woods to face some cruel and twisted challenges. After they barely survive, we see the four friends having some milkshakes at Pop’s and trying to put the crazy year behind them.

Yet, the cliffhanger in the finale showed us that Jughead may have been killed by his closest friends and girlfriend!

Will Riverdale season 4 be increase its level of crazy?

The show runner had to say this about Riverdale Season 4:

I say this every year, but we’re going to really, really play the high school franchise. This year we really, really are — 100 percent. We’re really locating things at the school. Archie’s going to be on the football team, Cheryl’s going to be cheerleading, Betty’s going to be at the Blue and Gold. We’re really reinvesting a lot in those franchises.

Things might be a bit more grounded next season. But of course the drama won’t completely disappear. It’s nice to see that even their main actress can attest to that fact.

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