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Trinkets Review: Is it Worth Your Time?

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Trinkets is without a doubt a new YA teen show. If you don’t know what YA is then you should probably sit this one out. And if YA is your genre, then Trinkets is the show you should be binge-watching over the weekend. (FYI, YA is young adult)

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Trinkets About Friendship and Growth

By the looks of the trailer, Trinkets had seemed like a light hearted teen drama about friendship and nothing more. And that is exactly what the show is about. Not to say that there are not any shocking twists and turns. There are plenty of things that would grab your attention but they won’t be something you haven’t seen before. Everything about Trinkets comes down to the friendship among three very different individuals. It’s the three main leading ladies that keep the show going.

As far as the plot goes the show doesn’t really has anything major to offer. It’s basically just about three high-school students who also happen to be kleptomaniacs.  I wanted more depth to the whole Kleptomaniac story, but after I was done with the last episode, I felt unsatisfied. It’s not like the show doesn’t addresses why the three protagonists choose to shoplift. They’re given solid reasons and a background yet it was all too subtle. And I’m not sure if the subtlety works for the show.

In teen dramas the most important factor is the drama element. It’s that element which makes small things seem like very big problems, but Trinkets fails to do that. The subtlety in the show works for some people and doesn’t for others. It’s probably one of the main reasons why Trinkets didn’t get the same fame as other Netflix teen shows like The Society and Sex Education. 

Trinket’s Main Ladies

What Trinkets lacks in the plot, it fills it up with the way the three main characters are written. Elodie (Brianna Hildebrand), Moe (Kiana Madeira), and Tabitha (Quintessa Swindell) couldn’t have been more different from each other.

But even with clashing personalities and opinions, the three strike a friendship when they meet each other at Shoplifters Anonymous. The show is all about this budding friendship amongst the three teen characters.

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Local thieves have never looked so good

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Elodie, The Relatable Girl

It’s through Elodie (Brianna Hildebrand) that the show tries to connect with the targeted audience. Did that happen? I’m not sure. Her character fails to entice any sympathy which was what Elodie’s character was supposed to do. She’s queer and fell in love with her best friend but couldn’t be in a relationship with her. Kudos to the show for finally making the main lead of a show gay and it not being the defining trait of the character.

Other than that, she’s had a pretty tough life. She was in a car accident where she lost her mom and now has to live with her dad with whom she has a strained relationship. The story was interesting but the way it was played out by Elodie didn’t make us feel for her like we should have. At some points, you know you want to genuinely root for her but you just can’t.

Moe, The Edgy Girl

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The next protagonist of the show is Moe (Kiana Madeira) and it’s her character that holds the show together. She’s cool but also quite nerdy. She’s the edgy badass girl that gets straight A’s. Plus, Moe has probably the only engaging love story in the whole show. Though her character was written well, there were some plot lines surrounding her character that didn’t make the most sense. Like her non-existent relationship with her father who suddenly gets out of jail. The show did shed some light on it but the story line lacked the depth it needed.

Though her relationship with her mother is shown as this healthy mother daughter relationship because it was just them and their brother at the house. But her reluctance to share her opportunity of a scholarship with her mother didn’t sit well with me. The show had elaborated on why she’s reluctant but it was lacking the smoothness.

Tabitha, The Rich Girl

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Tabitha is the Veronica Lodge of Trinkets. She’s rich and popular. But that’s just a front. Behind the rich girl persona is someone who is shackled in an abusive relationship. Her parents relationship isn’t perfect either. Every rich girl clique is visible in Tabitha’s character but the show makes it work somehow. Her two different personas will make you root for her and by the end it’s her pain that you can empathize with. Tabitha was stuck in a world she did not want. So, she came out of it through plenty struggle and support from her new friends Moe and Elodie. It was Tabitha that got a full character development. She successfully overcame her insecurities and learned to be confident in herself. That was pretty satisfying.

The Verdict, Should You Watch or Not?

If you’re looking to kill some time, go ahead. Watch the show. If you’re expecting a mind-blowing show with big twits and turns, you should probably sit this one out. Trinkets isn’t bad per say. It’s good and it does what it promises. It’s a show you can easily binge-watch but it’s not that show that’ll stay with you. If you’re looking for it to blow your mind and make up theories, I’ll suggest to watch The Society because Trinkets is as normal and drama free as a show can get.

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