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Tana Mongeau Supports Bella Thorne Against Whoopi Goldberg

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Bella Thorne has been making headlines because of her recent word battle with Whoopi Goldberg. Apparently, the actress released a series of her nude pictures to thwart a threat from a hacker online. But not everybody met this bold move with positive feedback. On her daytime show The View, Goldberg blamed her for giving in and releasing such explicit pictures. The actress responded by issuing a tearful video criticizing Goldberg for slut-shaming her, and for making girls believe they are disgusting for taking nude pictures.

While the dialogue between the two was intense enough, other celebrities have joined in. Bella has received support from Lucy Hale and Zendaya. In particular, ex girlfriend Tana Mongeau supports Bella Thorne completely in this whole ordeal. Even though, ex boyfriend Mod Sun isn’t being as supportive.

Tana Mongeau Slams Whoopi Goldberg for Slut-Shaming

Mongeau is definitely not taking issues from Goldberg over Bella Thorne. She called her out on her Instagram stories sending out love to Bella. The YouTuber pinned down Whoopi for making girls believe that bad things happening to them were their own fault. Not just that, but slut-shaming Bella also incites fear in others. Tana Mongeau also stated how she felt sorry about Goldberg’s mindset.

Other celebrities including Zendaya also supported Bella telling her that she was strong, brave and bold. According to Thorne, Zendaya added that,

Just a reminder that you are strong and courageous and beautiful inside and out. You f**king broke my heart with that damn ig (Instagram) post but anyway, just being a f**king sap right now lmao. Just letting you know you’re a light and I’m super proud of you. Love you.

Many others including Lucy Hale and Dove Cameron added in their views in support of Bella. The actress then took to Instagram to give Goldberg another call out, and acknowledge all the support and love she received.


It seems like Goldberg is going to have a tough time handling how Bella dealt with her slut-shaming. But one thing is for sure, many celebrities including Tana Mongeau support Bella Thorne through this ordeal.

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