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Jaclyn Hill Got Exposed By Kenna, A Biochemist

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Jaclyn Hill, a YouTuber and beauty expert, has collaborated with many cosmetics brands like Morphe and Becca. Her very own brand Jaclyn Cosmetics recently launched lipsticks which were supposed to have a groundbreaker formula. However, the lipsticks turned out to be shady; covered by hair, mold and holes. Some people also had allergic reactions from her lipsticks. However, she claimed that her lipsticks were FDA approved and she is looking into the matter. Now, a professional biochemist named Kenna  just exposed Jaclyn’s lies and we are shocked.


 Jaclyn Hill’s Lipsticks Batch Code Issue

Kenna opened her Jaclyn Cosmetics package in front of the camera so that no one can call it forged. She had ordered two lipsticks from Jaclyn’s collection. Both the lipsticks have same batch code. Kenna says it is totally unheard of. Two different lipstick shades should not have a same batch code. All lipsticks shades have different pigments and different formula. When something goes wrong then the whole batch is recalled from the market.

You do not have to recall your entire line.

The Visual Inspection Of Jaclyn Cosmetics’ Lipsticks By Kenna

Kenna’s received lipstick of shade Sophia was visually fine. There were no holes, no hair, no wet mark that other people had on their lipsticks. It smelled fine, but had that fake vanilla scent. The next shade perfectionist had little whiteness on the top. Kenna says that is a moisture spot. The lipstick also had fibre hair growing out of the lipstick. That shade had icy texture, air bubbles, fibres on the side and bumps and also a black spot. The lipstick perfectionist also had a different smell than the shade sophia; a notorious scent of oils gone bad.

Microbial Testing | Rolling In The Deep

Kenna has sent the lipsticks for microbial testing. They carry out a couple of tests including putting the lipsticks under extreme conditions like heat, humidity and water. Through this, the preservatives system is tested. The ingredients are tested to see if certain microbes grow. The test needs time so she will be coming up with a part-2 of the Jaclyn Cosmetics Lipsticks Analysis after 10 days.

Jaclyn Hill’s White Gloves Theory

US industry doe snot allow use of cotton gloves. It is a health hazard and these gloves are easily contaminated. The gloves can be allowed in the packaging department, not the production department.  But these departments are completely separated. Also, Jaclyn Hill claimed they used cotton towels for cleaning purposes. Whereas Kenna says no cotton towel is allowed to clean anything in such facilities. Only hot water and 100% ethanol are used to clean everything and eliminate bacteria.

Who is Kenna?

Kenna is a biochemist who completed her undergrad in biochemistry at University of Guelph in Canada. She has worked in Quality Management and she has been a cosmetic formulator for the past 6 years. Kenna was Jaclyn Hill’s fan from many years and she wanted to try her cosmetics. However, circumstances landed her in an awkward position. She is totally qualified to expose Jaclyn Hill. Since all the 20 shades of Jaclyn Cosmetics Lipsticks are sold out, Kenna has requested her audience to contact her if someone has these nasty lipsticks available with them. She will send those for testing purpose as well.

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