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Shane Dawson About to Upload Conspiracy Video Very Soon

There have been some subtle hints...

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It was a normal day of scrolling through Instagram stories when I suddenly found something very interesting. At least to Shane Dawson fans! Now, we know that Shane is already working on some conspiracy video. He said it would be something for us to watch before the mega Jeffree Star series is out. Dawson had explained that it would be out soon but could not give out an exact time because people really take it to heart when they are misled about these things. Anyhow, we’re pretty sure Shane Dawson is going to upload that video very soon.

Here Is The Evidence

On Instagram Stories, Shane Dawson posted one of him saying these words:

Just wanted to let you know that I am scaring the fuck out of myself with the video I am editing right now. And I hope it scares the fuck out of you….it will!

It came out just 22 hours ago on this day.

Shane Dawson Conspiracy Video Upload Evidence

The next story included in a picture that was pretty much evidence of how hard he and his video editor Andrew Siwicki are working on this new video. There were about 15 cans of empty cans of Diet Coke and root beer.

Shane Dawson Conspiracy Video Upload

It’s safe to say that this new Shane Dawson video certainly would not be a disappointment.

He’s Keeping it Casual

Though, there is something a bit odd with this Shane Dawson video. There has been virtually no news of it on social media except these Instagram stories. Previously, we have been used to Shane Dawson giving us a whole countdown on his Twitter feed. But, today there have been no signs of that.

Perhaps the Youtuber wants it to be a surprise. He may also want his fans to just enjoy the video for what it is without over hyping it.

What Can We Expect

The previous theory of people believing it is about a haunted house could very well be true. Our best bet is that it is a semi conspiracy video that is investigating a haunted house and interviewing people that know something about the place.

Now, we just have to patiently wait for more updates from Shane or binge watch his old Jeffree Star series on his YouTube channel.

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