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Julia Louis Dreyfus Discusses ‘Onward’ & ‘Downhill’ With Dax Shephard

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As Dax Shephard installs himself on his armchair in his tiny attic, he unites with the Mark-Twain Award-winning. Veep star Julia Louis Dreyfus for a new audio segment. On its 114th episode, which aired this Monday, June 17th, Dax Shephard’s podcast Armchair Expert was graced by American actress and famed comedian Julia Louis Dreyfus. Dax united with the ultimate queen of his heart to discuss her work, personal life, and tryst with cancer. On the podcast, the guest and the host engaged in an insightful discussion. about the challenges of raising children in L.A, while also talking about Julia’s upcoming projects including the films Onward and Downhill.  Julia Louis Dreyfus net worth Onward 2020 Downhill

Dax Shephard And Julia Louis Dreyfus Discuss The Latter’s Upcoming Movie Downhill

Julia Louis Dreyfus will soon star in Nat Faxon and Jim Rash’s upcoming. movie Downhill, which happens to be an adaptation of an iconic Swedish movie Force. The movie, where Dreyfus also serves as a producer, will also star Will Ferrell in its starry ensemble. When Dax Shephard inquired Louis about working with Will Ferrell, she told him that it was a blissful experience. After her last movie, Enough Said, Julia had tabled the idea of bringing about a reflective picture to the big screen. The Swedish movie Force had inspired Julia’s big-screen aspirations. Hence, the actress decided that adapting the story for national cinema would be a befitting decision. Julia herself convinced Ferrell for Downhill, subsequently bringing him on-board as her on-screen husband. Onward Disney Pixar

Apart from Downhill, Julia Louis Dreyfus will also appear in a 2020 Disney Pixar film Onward. Julia will lend her voice to the mother of the lead characters in the film. Chris Pratt and Tom Holland voice Julia’s sons on Onward.

 Dreyfus Talks About Parent’s Divorce, Raising Children, And Hate For Horror Movies

During her appearance on Armchair Expert, Louis Dreyfus revealed that her parents separated when she was very young. Recalling her first date, Dreyfus also revealed she got emotionally overwhelmed when a guy joked about her parent’s divorce. Onward Disney Pixar

In addition to detailing her brought-up, Louis also talked about parenting with Dax Shephard. Both Louis and Dax agreed that children require modest nurturing so that they grow-up into humble human beings. Julia Louis Dreyfus net worth Onward film 2020 Downhill Veep

Julia also revealed that she wasn’t a horror-movie fan when she was on Armchair Expert. She finds horror flicks too scary; hence, she avoids watching them altogether.

As the podcast neared its conclusion the guest wrapped up her account by sharing significant insight on her battle with cancer. Julia revealed that her illness helped her right-size her priorities. Thus she now looks for happiness in what is available rather than searching for it in what she doesn’t have. Julia Louis Dreyfus net worth Onward film 2020 Downhill Veep

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